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B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro

Episode · 3 months ago

A New Lease on Life: Why Certified Pre-Owned Products Make Sense


It’s happened to us all. 

You source a solution for a specific technology problem that you’ve been trying to solve, all is going well, and then the manufacturer discontinues production of that product, and stops supporting the one you have. 

You don’t have an unlimited budget to go out and source a new solution every time a manufacturer stops producing your product, so where do you turn? What do you do? 

On this episode of B2B Tech Talk, we talk with Lukas Bartone , a Solutions Specialist for Ingram Micro’s Sourcing and Certified Pre-Owned programs, on how his department is committed to helping customers source hard to find products, and meet their budget requirements with certified pre-owned products. 

What we discussed: 

- The Ingram Sourcing program, and how they can help find hard-to-find products

- Why certified pre-owned products often make just as much sense as new ones

- The ways that his team is committed to helping every customer solve their needs as efficiently as possible

Want to learn more about Ingram’s Sourcing and Certified Pre-Owned programs? Reach out to sourcingteam@ingrammicro.com 

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...you're listening to B. B. Tech talkwith ingram Micro a place to learn about how to grow your business andstay ahead of technological advances before they become mainstream intoday's episode we're introducing a new business and technology minded seriesbrought to you by ingram Micro's smb alliance community called as the gearsturn hosted by two ingram micro snb alliance council leaders. Mr Devinbiddle and Mr Patrick Cash both successful MSP. S and both ready tocall the business of I. T. As they see it. So with that said let's make ithappen. Welcome to as the gears turn. Welcome to another episode of B. Two B.Tech talk with ingram micro special as the gears turn edition where your hostDevin beetle from computer cations out of Frederick Maryland and Patrick Cashfrom Bluestar networks out of Atlanta Georgia. Today we're gonna be talkingwith luke Barton, a solution specialist with I am sourcing and certified preowned department and if you get all that to fit on the front of yourbusiness card, luke, congratulations. And then like a 6.5 you know it's a weusually just send him an email later or something at that point. It's not worth,it costs too much money to print all that out. It's like by the letteryou're in trouble. So hey we're super excited about this episode todaybecause this is a group that I don't think a lot of partners really know alot about and so yeah we're going to dive in. So thanks for taking some timeto chat list today. Absolutely, I'm happy to be here. Let's do it. Okaylook, let's start with ingram micro sourcing 101. Tell us a little bitabout the uh, this division within ingram and what it is that you guys do.Sure. So the anger micro sourcing program is very specialized resourcebecause it's not your standard buying process. You know when you're going toa distributor really just working through the distribution network. Sojust as an example to start off as an...

...end user, you know, you're going toresell, you're probably buying let's say. And although certain Lenovoproduct and you know it you have continuous circulation, everything isgoing well. But as time goes on eventually Lenovo is not going tomanufacture and service that product anymore. So kind of leaves the end userand the reseller on an island saying okay, we had this great thing going now.Lenovo is not giving it to us anymore because its end of life, where do we gofrom there? And that sort of market need is really where I am sourcing wascreated as we specialize in spare end of life and hard to find products. Werealized there was a huge market need both just in the industry as a whole inthe tech market but also when we're working with our partners, you know,it's a very complicated buying process that it's very gray market and you know,you're not really sure where you can get these types of products. Our job isto make sure that we can kind of create a one stop shop for our partners tomake sure once the product goes E O. L. We have a place that we can get itconfidently well and and discontinued products, I mean, can really be oftenhard to find. But also, I mean, you gotta have, I mean, it's required tokeep things up and running. Yeah, I mean we end up searching the internet alot of times just to find certain products to replace parts and thingslike that in servers and and so forth. But it's it can be tough findingauthorized parts that you're comfortable selling to customers. Soluke you're saying that I am sourcing helps with this problem, whichobviously in turn helps us help our customers tell us a little bit aboutthe process in terms of like guaranteeing the products verified andmaybe a couple of examples of some of the things that we might could ask for.Yeah. So, you know, we have partnered with a number of, you know, specialistsuppliers that really work in this market. Often when a product goes endof life, there are suppliers that are...

...buying in bulk to make sure a they arestill available in the long term and be the price is controlled and you know,there's a number of people that do this and do this very well and we've wentand sought out, you know, different suppliers that specialize in differentO E M s, you know, we're really a take all when it comes to what our productportfolio looks like. We're doing server could fix, we're doing, you know,everything from Dell adapters in L c D screens and, and everything like that.So there's really no limit in terms of what we can get because we've went outand sought after, you know, these suppliers that are specialized in thisin this market. So when you recognize that apart is end of life, oftentimesagain, the, the O E M will say, hey, we don't have this anymore. It's notskewed up, it's not in manufacturing, that's when it sort of bounces to the,I am sourcing team whether you recognize the product is end of life ornot. Our job is to make sure, hey, I need this product, can you help me goget it? And that's when I do my job. I work with my suppliers, I get you toquote, I get you the lead time, I get to the pricing and then we sort of gofrom there and in terms of authentication of the product, it's sort of our job as a brand to makesure we're delivering on what we say, we're going to deliver on. So we workwith these teams to ensure, hey, what you're going to get is genuine and it'sgoing to, you know, carry on whatever project you're working on, our, our jobis to focus on lifecycle extension, which Pat you kind of mentioned onearlier is it's necessary to have this hardware to keep a server up andrunning. You know, there's a lot of applications and data and if that fails,you have a problem. So our job is to make sure what we give to you is goingto fit, it's going to work and you have the support if necessary. So what aboutcertified pre owned products? I mean with things like chip shortagesworldwide and, and companies providing...

...laptops and cell phones as a hiringpark to two employees certified pre owned technology may become more andmore popular option, especially for different types of industries, how doesingram micro sourcing help to keep up with the demand of of something likethat? Yes, this is the beautiful part of my job because this is a marketdemand that probably will never go away. You know, especially with what happenedduring covid where everybody was working from home and you know, the CPOprogram that we have is a little bit different than what we talked aboutbefore, which is surrounding, you know, spares and end of life and a lot ofpieces here and there, no matter how big or how small the CPO programessentially offers an alternative solution to buying a new conditionproduct. So, you know, whether the product or the project requires a tightbudget, you know, you don't have a lot of money to work with, let's say like aschool district, they just need something that's functional and theycan stay within their budget. The CPO program offers those great a like newrefurbished laptops and computers that is going to be able to fit the needs of,you know, whoever the end user maybe. And that's something that is really,really thrived in the last couple of years and it's been a great, greatadded to be able to sell this stuff and it increases a lot of, you know,product portfolios for our partners because they have this effective optionto them. So luke you talked about CPO certified pre owned products, but thatdoesn't always mean that they're used products or refurbished products, doesit? No, and that's something that's very exclusive to Anger Micro. We haveHP that is basically offering us Overstock and we have an incredibleaccess to, you know, smart by skews that our new condition inbox HPwarranty deed. And that pricing is exclusive to Anger Micro because oncewe put a price down on that product, they ship it to us and you will onlyfind that price here at ingram. And...

...that's been an incredible resource fora lot of our partners looking for, hey, you know, I'm not necessarily going fora certified pre owned unit, but I'd love to expand on my portfolio a littlebit, you know, give some exclusive deals to my customers and you know,coming to us for those excess new skews whether it's a desktop tower, terminallaptop, we do monitors and docks as well, you know, that is somethingthat's incredibly exclusive and is uh is really an added value to a lot ofour partners, good to know. So look, I have an example, I want to share withyou that I actually dealt with this week with with your department there atingram, you know at a customer that came in and I was looking for addingadditional storage to their their VM hosts, which it's a three or four yearold old host and they wanted to double the storage space. So we looked atdrives of course they're not available. So we looked at, I am sourcing uh dealtwith your team, I found some refurbished models that you guys canget, but I also asked you to pose the question back to your team, is thereany option for new? So even though they may have refurbished, they also wereable to find some new ones and that's ultimately that's what the customerwent with was was some new drives. But it was it was very cool to have thatinteraction and and you know, I've known I am sourcing for years just asuh you know, while I'm on ingram's website and looking for a certain part,you know, I find that and it comes up, I am sourcing that's I just always knew,oh okay, that's a part that they don't care anymore. But there, you know, I'msourcing is getting it so I can order that. But if it didn't show up iningram search, I just then I immediately went over to google andstarted searching there. But that's something you guys can, you know, wecan, we should pose those questions to you guys. Yes, I suppose based on kindof like the example you gave, we can...

...kind of function as google but it'swe're gonna weed out all the nonsense for you and that's a lot of, you know,that's a very, very standard example of what some of our partners go through is.If they recognize the part is end of life, you're researching and trying tofind what you think is a trusted source for that product. And sometimes thatmeans you're scrolling through, you know, Ebay to find something like thatand our job is to make sure you don't have to a spend the time and be havethat, you know, maybe a sense of doubt or uncertainty when you're sourcing theproduct we take that out of the equation so faster buying process andmore trusted buying process and in that situation, you know, when you'relooking at refurbished or new. You know, sometimes as a product gets older, newcondition becomes completely unavailable, it's just not on themarket anywhere anymore. But you have these suppliers that specialize in thisstuff to make sure, you know, it's tested, you know, it's package to OMstandards. You have a, you know, a one year warranty on it. You could getadditional support on it. So we're really making sure that the product isup to pace no matter how old it may be. And you know, sometimes, you knowyou're searching for, we're HP authorized were juniper certified preowned authorized. So you know, you're getting actually O. E. M. S that arerecognizing our suppliers is hey, you know that you guys are the source for alot of these products. So you're getting factory new OM warrantyproducts. Well and it, you know, we, we've talked a lot, you know, kind ofhard drives, we've talked that certified pre owned device. Is thereother stuff that we could come to you and say, hey, I'm looking for, I don'tknow, some office furniture. Can you help me find it? We've gotten, we'vegotten office furniture, you know, like vera desk for example, to sit standdesks. We've been asked for screws, you...

...know, to put together whatever it maybe. I, I don't, I didn't ask the question. Um, we were able to get themwhat they needed. So kind of that hard to find aspect when you see like amazonbasics when you're looking for maybe a third party compatible option. We arethat hard to find, source, that resource for you guys. So maybe at acertain O. E M is not strong in the distribution network. We can still goout, reach out to the O E M and and bring it through the distribution chain.So we've seen pretty much anything and everything. So, you know, officefurniture is not much of a surprise anymore. And so a quick follow up to alot of this from a support standpoint, how does your team approach the supportaspect? Sure. So we try to make it as simple as possible, you know, the sameperson that is quoting and walking you through the buying process is mostoften going to be the same person you go to if you need support or warrantyquestions or things like that and from there, depending on the product, youknow, if you buy one of our HP factory new spares, that's an HP warranty. Youknow, you're going to, I can direct you there or you can just go straight to HPand they'll service it. A lot of partners require we m warranty sothat's kind of something that we offer but say it's an ingram micro warranty,which every product that we sell will have regardless. And you know, we'reworking with our teams to make sure we're, you know, if it's a credit andgetting it replaced, sometimes we have a laptop that may come with the, youknow, a dead battery, it happens from time to time, were there to just sendout another battery and make sure you can get that laptop up and running Ourreturn rate is better than industry average, which is around 5%. So we'reexceeding industry standards in that aspect. And I think it's because wemake it simple and we do try to make...

...sure what we're pushing to our partnersis uh, is going to be tested and effective for whatever project you'reworking on. So look, we, uh, we have a question we ask on every podcast whenyou think of technology as a whole, where do you see it going within thenext year? Technology as a whole? Well, you know, I guess maybe from things Ido on a day to day basis, you know, we see newer gen things coming out fasterand faster every year and that's great for what I do because when something,because you know older gen that's when our business grows in terms oftechnology as a whole. I mean I love where um, augmented reality and virtualreality is going, I don't think anybody has really been able to capture thateffectively yet. So I'm looking forward to see what companies reallybreakthrough in terms of that augmented reality experience just because of theapplication it has for mechanics, hospitals, developers, um, everythinglike, you know, the military for example, you know, a lot of thattechnology really intrigues me and I'm excited to see what happens with that.And also, you know gaming gaming, especially during Covid it's grownexponentially in like the streaming world and things like that, you know,you see a lot of people, you know making an income from the, you know,their desk, their office, their basement and I think where gaming andmusic and sort of the online community in terms of streaming and things likethat is something that's really blown up in the last year. And I'm interestedto see what happens in that direction. So we talked about a lot today in avery short period of time, really condensed kind of time frame where iffolks want to learn a little bit more about, I am sourcing where we're goingto go find find some of this information. Sure. First and foremostsourcing team at ingram micro dot com,...

...incredibly easy to just reach out toyour sales rap or contact us directly. Your sales rep can always get you tothe right place. But yeah, absolutely. We're always willing to talk set upconversations if you want to bring your sales team in. You know, we can gothrough the whole ups and downs of the program kind of consultancy, whatyou're looking for, what kind of needs you had opportunities you've turneddown in the past that we may be able to help with, which is always a huge wayto help grow your business. Um you know, bring in more of those opportunitiesand you can also call our extension as well. We also have an imagine next pagethat you can look at, which if you're kind of just scrolling around, lookingfor more information on your own time. And uh you know we have our own AngerMicro website that will teach you everything with CPO how our warrantieswork, you know how are suppliers work for our sourcing products, everythinglike that, That's great and I will add that uh for like a CPO products, youguys do have an email that goes out weekly, I believe that that detailssome new CPO products that you guys have, which I've I'm on that list andget that email every week and and tend to go through that. So that's alsohelpful and uh I didn't know about the sourcing team email until we spokeearlier a week or two ago preparing for this podcast and when I used that thisweek, that was a nice quick response that I got there. So that was veryuseful for me. So luke, thank you, I really appreciate you sharing yourknowledge with us today. Yeah, it's been a pleasure, thank you for givingus the platform to kinda show you guys what we got and you know, I'm sure I'llwork with you guys in the future, definitely. There is more informationfor this episode found on the Anger Micro s and P portal. If you're alreadya member, you can access this information at any time. If you're nota member, we always ask, why not? Why not? If you have a specific question,you can always reach out to your ingram micro rep for more information on howto get involved with S and B. Thank you...

...for tuning in to as the gears turn andsubscribing to be to be tech talk with your micro. You've been listening to Bto B Tech talk with ingram Micro special as the gears turn editionhosted by Devin Biddle and Patrick Cash. This episode was sponsored by ingramMicro's SMB Alliance B two B. Tech Talk is a joint production with Sweet FishMedia and Anger Micro. Anger Micro production handled by Laura Burton. Tonot miss an episode. Subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast platform.If you're listening on apple podcasts, we'd love for you to leave a quickrating of the show. Just tap the number of stars you think the podcast deservesUntil next time. Mhm.

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