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B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro

Episode · 6 months ago

Conquer Chaos with P-touch Label Makers for the Office and Home


Feeling stressed? Whether it’s in the office or at home, P-Touch Label Makers from Brother can help bring order to your life and make everyday easier.

In this special As the Gears Turn edition of B2B Tech Talk, Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash speak with Jennifer Smith, Sr. Channel Marketing / U.S. Distribution at Brother, about:

- Label maker applications in an office environment

- How label makers are used in the medical field

- Using Cube, the Brother app for label makers

For more information, contact Marit Macello (marit.macello@ingrammicro.com) or visit P-Touch Label Makers and Printers.

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...you're listening to B two B. Tech talk with ingram Micro a place to learn about how to grow your business and stay ahead of technological advances before they become mainstream in today's episode we're introducing a new business and technology minded series brought to you by ingram Micro's smb alliance community called as the gears turn, hosted by to ingram micro snb alliance council leaders Mr Devin biddle and Mr Patrick Cash both successful M. S. P. S. And both ready to call the business of I. T. As they see it. So with that said let's make it happen. Welcome to as the gears turn. Welcome to another episode of B two B tech talk with ingram Micro special as the gears turn edition where your host Stephen biddle from computer cations out of Frederick Maryland and Patrick Cash from blue store networks out of Atlanta Georgia. Today, Patrick we're going to be talking to jennifer smith,...

...she's the senior manager of channel marketing for us distribution at Brother. Yeah, I'm actually looking forward to this. Uh We've learned a few things in some of our pre calls and jennifer. I know you're kind of a pro at podcasting already having appeared on a few other episodes of B two B tech talk but we certainly want to welcome you to your first episode of as the years turn. Thank you so much jennifer. I've always thought of p touch label makers as as a personal use device but tell us how to how to use them more for home office or corporate office environments as well. Yeah sure. Absolutely. Brother has label makers and label printers for all your customers labeling needs. So speaking to all the the resellers out there ingram micro resellers. Home office labeling helps put one organizational system into action and ensures that each item is returned to its designated spot from the file folders, two binders, bins, mail sorters and so much more. So...

...for a home office. Brother recommends the P touch Pt D. To 10 the P touch cube which is a smartphone dedicated label maker with bluetooth wireless technology that comes with a wide selection of home office label templates And then also the p. t. d. 600 which is a PC connect able label maker and color with the color display. So mailing and shipping from a home office to sometimes is necessary. So with that said the Brother QL 1100 series. Those are label printers. You can easily pre postage and shipping labels for most carriers right from your home office for maximum efficiency. Also the QL 800 series label printers can print impactful red and black black labels for covid safety signage in the office. So it sounds like jennifer there's obviously some really great applications in an office environment but based on kind of some of those comments maybe there's some great...

...application in the medical field as well. Oh definitely. Patrick. Yes Brothers at your side with variety of labeling solutions to help meet the needs of remote medical testing facilities, hospitals outpatient practices, nursing homes assisted living communities, medical labs and more. The brother PTP 7 50 W. Label maker and the QL 8 20 N. W. B. Label printer can print labels for covid 19 diagnostic testing, patient identification, specimen collection and processing barcodes for labs and pharmacies, patient charts and record uh And also to record I. D. S. And visitor management to very cool. So jennifer uh You know everyone's on the go convenience is super important for businesses today. And I think you mentioned it earlier with printers. There is usually an app that comes with the product whether that be on a pc or or you know on a mobile device. And you...

...had mentioned about I think it was the the cube. Um What does brother have it? It's an app for these products. Yeah. Great question with the P touch cube label makers. You can design and print unique labels using the free Brother P. Touch design and print or brother. I print and lab lab label apps or use Brother P touch editor software from your desktop to create and print labels using the included USB cable. You can choose from pre designed templates or create your own unique designs enjoy smartphone features such as spell check and voice to text to simplify label creation, jennifer we've covered you know quite a bit in a very very short period of time here. Um So one of the questions that we always ask on episodes of as the gears turn uh B. B tech talk is when you think of technology as a whole and you know, whether it's applicable to brother or maybe even you know, growing outside of that, where's the direction that you see technology going in the next year?...

You know, people have been saying this for probably the last year or so and continue to talk about artificial intelligence or what's known as A. I. And machine learning, you know, even in warehouses today, you know, machines are picking product and and helping with that part of of the warehouse operations to as well. So this increasing ability of machines to learn and act intelligently will absolutely transform our world. I couldn't agree with you more jennifer. Uh Ai is definitely a big, big future play there. It does seem like it's a constant recurring theme theme, isn't it? Yeah, there certainly is definitely jennifer. Where can people learn more about what we talked about today and uh and learn more about Brother? Oh yeah, sure. Go to the broader U. S. A dot com site. So W. W dot Brother dash usa dot com or just go to brother dot com, awesome. Well jennifer on behalf of Devin um the...

SMB community and B two B tech talk, We certainly want to thank you for joining us for this episode today. Thank you. There's more information for this episode found on the ingram micro Smb portal. If you're already a member, you can access this information at any time. If you're not, we always ask why not? If you have a specific question, you can always reach out to your ingram micro rep for more information on how you can get involved with SMB. Thank you for tuning in to as the gears turn and subscribing to B two B. Tech talk with ingram Micro, you've been listening to B two B tech talk with ingram Micro special as the gears turn edition hosted by Devin, Biddle and Patrick Cash. This episode was sponsored by ingram Micro's SMB Alliance B two B tech Talk is a joint production with Sweet fish Media and Anger Micro. Anger Micro production handled by Laura Burton. To not miss an episode. Subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast platform. If you're listening on apple podcast, we'd love for you to leave a quick rating of the show. Just tap the number of stars you think the podcast deserves until next...

...time. Yeah.

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