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Episode · 2 years ago

Life in the Cloud: How to Pick the Right MSP | D-Link Series


Life in the cloud can be a little crowded. Learn how to choose the best MSP for you on B2B Tech Talk. 

There’s no doubt that cloud solutions are evolving rapidly. 

The MSP market alone is estimated to reach $282 billion by 2023

Matt Vaillancourt, Senior Director of Business Sales at D-Link, offers tips on choosing the right MSP as well as standing out in the crowded MSP market. 

He also goes over:  

  • How to know when to transition to an MSP 
  • Looking for new trends in MSPs 
  • Different cloud solutions  

Resources mentioned:  

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One of the biggest things that you canprovide to help stand out is is being flexible, you're listening to, b, to B tectokewith ingro micro, the police will learn about new technology and technologicaladvances before they become mainstream. This Pied Gast is sponsored by dealingtechnology, make your home smarter, safer and truly feamless. Let's getinto it twelome to be to be TEC, TAK with anger, migro I near host KerryRoberts and our guest today is Nat Valancourt, the senior director ofbusiness sales at dealink, now mat you were our guest on episode, one of theshow and provided so much insight on data security and digital hygiene whichlisteners. If you haven't checked that out, I would highly recommend it to goback to episode one. So welcome back Mat. Thank you for being here today. Dol Think Yor Ain me on again guys andsuper excirted to h dive into another fastof of the wonderful world oftechnology. So, on this episode we are chatting about life in the cloud matcloud. Architectures are evolving and serving many different needs andpurposes. Can you explain a little bit about how they're evolving and why theright cloud solution is critical to success? Yeah absolutely so lot when I was dontoo kindof touched Sonis a little bit from a security standpoint, so I justkindof grated again really quick from the clob standpoint and that is ther.There are different types of cloud enprastructures out there today TisPublic Po, there's private cloud, there's Tiberd clouds, there'sconberged clouds, there's so many different options asfar as a cloud solution or architecture is concerned- and you know it's reallyinvolving based off of what the customers, the end, customers ultimategoal and ultimate needs are so we've seen people start to really start tomix the match, and I think what I'm seeing more of in today's market isthat hybrid cloud. So you know your private cloud is something where you aseither the MSP or the Var. You you own, the intrastructure, you own, the pipeyou own everything right. So it makes I a lot easier for you to t tecure it,but it also puts a lot of infrastructure and havy lifting o. Youpublic ones, are ones that are based a that are hosted by like awf or Google,or one of these other cloud platforms and they're. Super easy to use. They'resuper easy that bin up, but you're, relying on that TIRD party to keep youruptime up there and and keep everything secure and all that other fun stuffwell, which I will say you know the big guy is e Amazon gooble, guys like thatthey do a great job of securing those networks and having pailovers andredundantces to make sure that you have the uptime that you you need and want,but the hybrird one which I think is...

...probably most popular and and currentlyever volving you know, is where there's there's some things. There's some onPrimi inastructure, maybe custers are choosing Thi, store, missing criticaldata and things along those lines on sites with a disater recovery cloudback up type of scollusion or theuse, the nicladas kind of their portal ortheir window for customers to come in and consume and and use the platform.But the core of the data of the patform itself is privately held on a privatecloud right, so I think that's the most prevailant one that we're seing todayon on larger employments, where securitys are concerned, but the publiccloud is definitely rapidly catching up in that aspect too now the Azi servicemodel is talked about quite often and for many MSPs of replacing bars. Thequestion is: How do you know if you should make them move to an MSP yeah?Absolutely you know the MSP or or Var damage TN kind oftransformation. That a lot of people are looking at today is is really about cost effectiveness and savings. Soeveryone's looking Ofer that has a service tuff these days to retaincustomers, provide additional value, but what I think a lot of peopleoverlook and when you're making this decision, if you want to make thistransformation, is the potential past savings that it can represent to yourcompany? There's no doubt that truck rules cost money. So if you canremotely diagnose the problem with say someone's network or their wireless ortheir camera system or whatever, whatever you know, abys just whateverit might be, that they're using you can defintely you cound, potentially saveyourself even having to send a truck to the customers' location, or you knowthat's worst case there, r you're able to completely diagnose what the problemis with the network and if you do, if to physically, send someone there, thediagnosis work's already been done so, rather than paying someone who's to beon fight to diagnose and figure out. What's going on with the network orwhatever service, it is that you're trying to repair or keep up you'realready going to know what the problem is. You're already going to have beable to load equipment onto your truck that you feel is going to be your bestcouple, FDOPTIONS tofixing the problem and it's ging to reguce the amount oftime that you have to actually spend on site. She picks the customers' issue.So you know we're really seeing people moved to this, whether they knowthey're moving to an MSP bow model or not they're, seeing the savings andmore importantly, their in customers are seeme tremendous value, because ifyou don't have to send a truck out, they're, obviously not paying as muchfor the actual service of the network and things on those mines and it canrapidly decrease the amount of downtime...

...that they would potentially havebecause you're able to immediately go in and look- and you know if somebodycalls you two am no problem. You know let let me log into your you know intoour portal here and see. What's going on with your systems, and you know,then you can determine if it's worthwhile, maybe just start to truckout in the morning or just you know, wait and send it and put it schedulethem in if it's not mission critical, so there's so many more option that thecloud is providing to people today in the market state, yes and saving timeand money. I mean everybody loves that, but changes hard and a lot of peoplewhenever they have to do something new. It's like what do I have to do. Howlong is this process going to take? How much do I need to learn? Can you breakdown for us and maybe a few steps if a business is interested, how they cankind of transition to an MSP model, including how to automate and deplayremotely yeah absolutely y? I think Tho people who are looking to transitioninto the space really sitting down and taking a hard look at your cortbusiness and understanding what you're looking to accomplishd. By doing this,I is going to be critical to being successful, so I would put that astepone is identifying and focusing on a particular market, most likely at themarket that you're already in that you're just looking to simplify andmake the service practice a lot easier for yourself, an whet, we'll say infocusing on a market, I don't mean focus on Tmak one particular marketright. There are always ajacent market to whatever it is TBAT. You'relooin taccomplish I'll use an example here that I've used before and and that'sCrox right, crox t the shoes that either youlober you hate M, but butregardless of of your feelings on them, they're one product that they kind offocus on. But there are a lot of excessories and other things that goalong with the crockfoot. Where there's you know they, they now have incuredlike slipper inserts that you could put into 'em. They have customization ofthe pins and stuff like that. They go onto the crocks as well. So, instead ofjust focusing on well, I sel cross and that's all I do is at sell, Crox and y.You didn't identify Thejaton markets that go along with it, which would beyou know, maybe these sipper inserts or these pins or tefevariations of thecrops themselves. They have um slippers and other different variationsout now as well. So making sure that when you are looking at this you'retaking to account everything that surrounds your solution is going to becritical too, because you're going to need to be able to support that. That'sgoing to be your customers! Next question from there I would say: DefinitelyNailing Down Your pigthing, how you want to structure you're cheered thatyou're going to go out there and you're actually going to administer the cost,O your customer. So there's slat fees,...

...there's Peruser, there's purdevies,there's cheered plans, there's a lot of different ways out that you coul cut itswice this and it's really going to depend on the type of customer thatyou're talking to. But I will say that most customers prefer to work off of amonthly model. So I would definitely recommend that that be perston foremostof your consideration. But you definitely need to make sure that youhave your pricing and you're pricing model figured out and then from there.It really goes into service and demonstrating your work anddemonstrating your value. You need to make sure that you are in anythingright, providing absteptional customer service, but also exceptional servicefor the products and for that market, and it's key that trable to demonstratethe work that you perform. So you know we talk a lot about cloud, but as etypical enbser, you need to show them, because the cloud is Thi nonpangibleidea right, but you have to actually demonstrate and show them the value ofyour platform or the value of the service that you're going to beproviding to them and you need to be able to actually show it to them. Maybeyou do a live demo of your systems on Treen, so you can show them hey. Ifthis thing goes down, here's what we do we log in shere. We look at this. Wereset that, and maybe we UM explore a little more over here and being able tohave the customer visualize exactly what it is, that you're going to bedoing for them and how, at the end of the day, it's quantified into dollarsand cents for 'em is definitely crucial and the last little piece I think I'llsay on this- is making sure that you're providing a forward thinking value foryour customers as well being able to anticipate what they're going to belooking for next right, and this is going to come with time. It's GOINGNAcome with experience. It's going, Ta come with having to or having deployedthings into this market where you'll you' really start to learn and pick upon these things, but anticipate with the customers. An next question is okay,great you're, you're managing my network and my wirelets be of the cloudand I've never seen you sed of truck here. You've always been able to keepus up one hundred percent ae time. Offan work. What's going to be theirnext thing, how about our phone systems or what about our security systems sobeing able to anticipate that and even providing that value by making thoserecommendations for the customer is going to be hugely beneficial to bothcurrent Ms Ds and bars that are looking to to transform intof the state? Heyeveryone, we hope, you're, enjoying this episode of btob TAC talk withIngram migro. Let's pause for a moment to recognize our sponsor dealingsystems ar network speeds flowing you down, por security, rest top of mind,talk with dealing systems leverae to award winning produt and deployenetworks that are second to none with D link, wireless surveillance andswitching solutions, contact, Ashley...

Rigerio at Ingram Micro. Today, that'sAshley Afhlb, I Dorugerio R, U GG ER IO at Ingra micro com, also before wejumped straight back into teday's episode. We wanted to let you knowabout one of the industry's most important events: iner Migros, onethusand and nineteen, a ten on November eighteenth through November twentyfirth at the Gay Lord Rocky's convention. One is your chance toexperience. What's new and exciting insecurity, Iot clown and more alsoyou'll be able to network with other businesses, industry, expert, Ingra,micro, assopiate and or benderport contact your Ingra micro representativefor details on how to register today. Allright let e get back to the Shell Yeahi mean like you're, sayingproviding value. Staying ahead makes a huge difference, and I know yourecently stated on a Webbenar that you did that currently, thirty, seventhousand plus N S ps, are in North America alone, and the MSP market ishighly competitive, especially in this cloud service arena. Is there anysuggestion that you have for people that are in MSP how they can stand outfrom the crowd and do something even better yeah? Absolutely, I think one of thebiggest things that you can provide to help stand out as is being flexible. You don't want to sit here and say thisis our model. This is what we do. This is our price thing and if, for whateverreason, your customer doesn't stick into that very defined shoe box y wyou're going to walk away from the business so being able to be flexibleand adapt your business or adapt your pricing model to what the customersneeds are is going to be critical to standing out, and I think alsorecognizing the fact that your knowledge and your data Hav value- andI think, if you appropriately portray that to the customer they're going tosee that same value as well- and you know when just fighting on a serviceprovider most and customers are looking at that type of thing. Nowadays theythey want to look at your patch track record and things on those lines, butthey also want to have those like I messon before those forword lookingopportunities forward. Looking statement. What else can we do to makeour business better so definitely not sitting back and being content with thebusiness model that you've set up and always looking for different roads or different paths tomarket within the verticle? That you're, working in or withan adjacent market isgoing to be critical, Tis staying ahead of of everyone else in the space and the company you work for dealing ispracticing. What you're preaching right now, which is really staying ahead andkind of looking at the next piece of what your customers need and dealinghas a new MSP that just launched on October first called the nucleusplatform. Can you tell us more about...

...what makes it unique, yeah, absolutely Um? So so we have ournew nuclears platform, which is has launched on October first and rightnow we have, I guess, what I would say. Two distinct products in there N in oneis a cloud wireles solution and one is a cloud switching solution and you knowthe Clod wireless solution. I think really stands out for a lot of the Sandbs out there n an sand BG. As far as the end customers concerned, a lot ofsmall medium businesses are looking to show the value to their customers or adadditional benefits to customers that maybe visiting their on sate premise orleveraging their services, but they don't have the the big budgets that alot of the other larger you know, maybe regional or national et's, say retailchain path, right, theyave, big IY, t budget in teems to manage these typesof things, wheres, the Ave, obes don't and the nuclear platform enables thepartner. That's Counto, be working with these S M bs to be very efficient andresponding to that customers' request, whether it be segregating networks and setting up newsfids or different things along those lines that are fairly common, butsomething that a small customers not going to have maybe the knowledge orthe person at wants to ave to do, and you can provide that value for them. Bydoing this. For that on the club switching side of things, this is avery powerful system for analytics and understanding. What's going on on thenetwork and figuring out and troubleshooting items on the network,and I think the switch being the core product here can really help people outand identifying what's wrong with other services that maybe are not currentlycloud enable right, so et's Syou have a phone system connected to our nuclearswiaching platform, Wer herea security, camera system connected to it and thecusteres reporting issues with the camera system. Well, you can actuallyjust log into the NUCLEUR DASH board and go into the identified camera andand quite literally click the port on the switch Bethey'll turn the power offto the camera tlick it again, it'll turn the power back on and and forthose anothing that ave been in the it world for a long time. I'll go back tomy my retail days here, th whenever Cutsroa call in with a problem. Thenumber one thing we would say is UN plug it and plug it back in right, Um,so th, the nuclear Puad switching platform is actually going to allow youto do that to the customer wild ever Havp without ever having to actually goon site, so some pretty powerful options for people who are new into thecloud sface or working on transforming themselves into an MSP. You know forfuture services that they're going to...

...provide. No that's great, an thatLaston you're talking about your rate, is so common, and it's nice that you'renow solving this problem kind of on both ends very easily. That's reallywonderful to her. Where can people learn more about what we talked abouttoday, either transitioning to an MSP, or they have questions on it or learnedmor about this new solution that your company has? Where can they do that andconnect with you to ask questions yeah? Absolutely so y! You can learn moreabout the nuclear platform on Dlin DOT COM, so you can actually go on thereand just click on our our business site. lengt there and it'll actually take youright into the NUCLEUR microcites. So you can learn more about our cloud,offering that if you want to engage directly with B link, we actually havea forum right own there that they can click on and it'll go right to oursales department. You cald find me on linked in U Nad balancourt on in Linkan there's notvery many of us out there, so I should be easy to find, and then you know alsoencourage a lot of people to leveridge their peers out. There they're a lot ofchiltren networking sites like Linkedin and and pice works, and some otherswhere these topics are talked about constantly and as people are developingbest practices and understanding better how to go to market in the cloud.There's a whole community that are sharing their knowledge with with eachother so that they can help to grow the space as a whole and make each otherbetter in their market. So I would definitely recommend teleberar shows aswell and and of course I know- Ingram has a a great grouping of resources andwe also have our product sales champ, actually Wegirio and inside aningermaker as well. So she can be contacted for support too, and we askedyou last time when you were here where you saw technology going in the nextyear, but when it comes to cloud technology and MSPs specifically, wheredo you see it going in the future? Oh my yeah, I think really the the big game.Changer here is virtualization in the cloud a lot of companies at least thelarger ones. Nowadays, the computer that the employee works at or or thatthe end customer works. That is just a shell, the actual guts of the computerand the data, and everything else are all stored in the cloud which makes iteasy for them. If they need to move work stations or work off premits oranything on those lines, they can go to an exact virtual image of their deathpap from from pretty much anywhere in the world, or you know, all of a sudden.You find yourself having a need for more service or more phone systems orwhatever that solution might be, and you can virtually do all of that in thecloud at the end, users and all you really need is hat the phone system.You just see a microphone that you can plug into your computer right. Youdon't even actually need a phone these...

...days, it's a traditional phone in orderto take advantage of those services, so I really see virtualization in thecloud as being one O te next big things an know just little footnotes to thattoo. I think software define networking is also going to be big in that spaceas well. So it's definitely going to be an exciting future for the cloud andthere's tons of great resources and partners out there today that areleveraging it. So I see nothing book, good things in the future. Well, thankyou so much as always for sharing your knowledge and passion with us today,Mat and I'm sure we look forward to having you on the show again in thefuture. Absolutely appreciate it any time gide, if you like this episode orhave a question, join the discussion on twitter at Ingram Texsol with the HashTig me to be tectake. Thank you for tuning in and subscribing to be to becheck tap with anger. A D Microe you've been listening to be to Betectok,with anger micro posted by carry Roberts and sponsored by dealingtechnology. BETOBETECTOK is a joint production by sweetfish media and anger,micro, anger, migro production handled by Laura Burton and Christine Fan tonot miss an episode to ebscribe. Today in your favorite pot cat platform,.

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