B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro
B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro

Episode · 1 year ago

Sitting Down with Tim Fitzgerald | President's Club Series


In this time of constant change, one thing remains the same: the need for organizations everywhere to learn how to leverage new technology. 

There is an opportunity for Ingram Micro partners to get a leg up in the race to the cloud. It’s called Cloud Summit 2020

In this episode of B2B Tech Talk live from the U.S. Sales Kickoff, guest host James Carbary of Sweet Fish Media checks in with the VP of cloud channel sales in North America, Tim Fitzgerald

The two discuss:  

  • Opportunities tech presents Ingram Micro partners to establish a competitive edge 
  • Who should be attending Cloud Summit 2020 
  • How Cloud Summit makes it easier for partners to sort through SaaS providers 
  • *PLEASE NOTE: Cloud Summit has been postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19  

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Sponsored by Ingram Micro President’s Club and Ingram Micro Financial Solutions. 

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You're listening to be tob tech talkwith Ingram Micro, the place to learn about new technology and technological advances beforethey become mainstream. This podcast is sponsored by Ingram Micros Presidents Club, wherewinners are made. All right, let's get into the show. Welcome backto Beb Tech Talk. Today we are at Ingram Micros US sales kickoff inBuffalo, New York. My name is James Carberry and one of the producersof the show, and I'm joined today by Tim Fitzgerald, Ingram's Vice Presidentof North America cloud channel. Tim, how you doing today? I'm doinggreat, James. Thanks for having me. I'm really excited to chat with youtoday, Tim, so the first question that I have for you.So Strategic Alliance partnerships have clearly been a big part of the growth that you'veled at Ingram micro. What are some specific things that companies can do todrive revenue through alliance partners you know,...

...great question and it's been an excitingyear. If you're real the clock back a little bit to, let's see, two years ago, Ingram's cloud business had a enjoyed it fantastic strategic alliancepartnership with companies like Microsoft, we were also doing business in infrastructure is aservice and had a wealth of other really cool companies and representing their SASS offerings. Zoom forward to really the conclusion of two thousand and nineteen and we've seengreat progress with that Microsoft Partnership. But we've seen meteoric growth in areas likeinfrastructures a service with both Microsoft's azure solutions as well as Amazon web services.But the area that's probably experience the greatest amount of growth is really with thoseother softwares of service providers. Now it's a long list of really cool companiesand a litany of different great solutions, but it's a great growth opportunity forpartners. Sam IDC recently predicted that by...

...two thousand and twenty three, sixtypercent of the global two thousand will have a digital developer ecosystem with thousands ofdevelopers. What are your thoughts on that prediction? Yeah, you know,I'm not sure if that's the right number or not, but I think what'sundeniable is the need for organization is to really look at how to leverage newtechnology to get a competitive advantage gives them. I think, great concern about where'sthat technology going to come from. So the look into the open market, but if they don't exactly what they're looking for, they're going to havefolks on staff that are going to leverage the new tools to develop applications thatare very personalized solutions for their business needs, and that's an opportunity that's exploding forour partners today. So you've mentioned on Linkedin and I've seen, I'veseen online that Cloud Summit two thousand and twenty is happening in May, maytwelve through the fourteen, and I each...

...yeah, I know it's something alot of people are really excited about. Who should be attending this event andwhy should they make it a priority to Oh my goodness, and you're right, we're incredibly excited about what this year's claps it's going to be all about. We're just beginning to see some of the names of the first keynote speakerscommitting to the event, so we're pumped. It'll be held in a really coolarea in Miami Beach. You'll see the keynote sessions taking place into gleasontheater, a very famous art deco location and clearly, if you're a partnerand you're even remotely interested in what's going on in the cloud space, thisis the place to be. You'll see a level of innovation at this year'sevent that we've not seen before, really driven by the great partnerships that wehave, but also as a result of the great comic competition that we've justfinished completing. So come check us out. I think it's going to be anexciting event. We just did an interview with Kirk and and he mentionedthat part of creating a really incredible customer...

...experience is understanding what's available to you, and it soundly by coming to this event, seeing the wide variety ofoptions that you have available at your fingertips to be able to serve customers withyou really can't you can't not be there. Well, it's a great point.If you think about the number of independent software companies that are emerging onthe market, it's really overwhelming. I'm for a lot of partners to kindof weed through who are the right upandcoming companies that I should think about representing. So we want to make that easier for our partners, take friction outof that and and hopefully make it a more efficient process for them to achieveaccelerated growth. Yep, Tim, I want to shift the interview into intoour fast five. So I'm going to ask you five right, five rapidfire questions. Really excited to hear how you respond to these. So thefirst one, what does one Ingram mean to you? You know, partners, just like their customers, are looking...

...for ways to do more with fewer. So for an end customer, they're looking to buy more solutions from fewerpartners. For our partners, they're looking for more efficient ways to deliver greatvalue to their customers. When you think about the breath of the value propthat Ingram represents, I think it's really about putting our best collective foot forwardand delivering that personalized solution that delivers the greatest value to those partners that arecontinuing to look for ways to better solve their customer needs. What's what's comingup in two thousand, two thousand and ten with Ingram that you're really excitedabout? You know, the business is really on our pretty good trajectory.We continue to deliver growth well exceeding that of the market and delivering greater andgreater tangential value to those partners that were currently serving. You'll see us continueto focus on delivering ever increasing levels of customer experience to our partners and thecustomers that they serve, and we want...

...to do that by representing the broadestcatalog in the industry and also delivering on the promise of the platform, eitherin cloud marketplace or in cloud blue, that really operationally supports that broad basedcatalog that I mentioned. And then, lastly, it's really about the programsof where to go next to achieve that greater value and growth for their customers. What's new and exciting in tech this year? Oh my goodness. Youknow, a couple of things come to my mind. The whole robotic spaceright and in this context it's really software that's helping to deliver automation for repetitivetasks and making it more efficient for us and our partners in our vendors todo business. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and really getting better extraction of valueout of the data that's available. Those are probably the two hottest areas thatare on my mind today. I think our challenge will continue to be howdo we deliver more and more of that...

...automation value to take cost out ofhow our partners better serve their customers. But are some accomplishments that you're reallyproud of from two thousand and nineteen, that you and your team are reallyproud of two thousand and nineteen? You know, the thing that I'm mostproud of is the the people that I get to work with every day.So what I think about is not just the team, the group of individuals, but also how they collaborate, team together and and influence each other tohelp us move that business forward by being better servants to our customers. Goingback to something we've talked about a couple times already. How close out withthis question, Tim? What can partners do to create an incredible customer experience? You know, I the number one thing is be well educated on bothweather markets going and how we can assist you as a partner, really takeadvantage of that market opportunity. There's such...

...a breath of solutions that we offertoday, vendors that we offer today and really valued proposition enable me that helpspartners build out a practice or agmen a practice with some new solutions. Sostaying informed and continually learning, I think, is the number one challenge for usall. Tim Thank you so much for your time. Today. Isthat incredible? I really appreciate thanks, James. Good to reach you.You've been listening to be to be tech talk with Ingram micro. This episodeis sponsored by Ingram Micros Presidents Club B Tob Tech Talk is a joint productionby sweetish media and Ingram micro. Ingram micro production handled by Laura Burton andChristine Fan. To make sure you never miss an episode, subscribe today inyour favorite podcast player.

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