B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro
B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro

Episode · 2 years ago

What’s the Future of IoT Monitoring?


The Internet of Things is moving fast.  

There’s no denying the impact IoT will eventually have on all industries. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to see how IoT can benefit some businesses today. 

That’s why we asked an expert to fill us in. Eric Hembree, Director of IoT at Ingram Micro, sits down to discuss the practical impact IoT monitoring can have on businesses like yours. 

In this episode, we cover new sensor technology, our end-user-first approach, and more. 

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We need to make sure that we'rerrunning the data analytics on the useful data and not necessarily all thedata you're listening to be to be tectok,with Ingra micro, the polace to learn about new technology and technologicaladvances before they become mainstream. This pine cast is sponsored by dealingtechnology, make your homes smarter, safer and truly seamless, let's getinto it. In a previous Padcask, I asked Ingra Micro's chief country executive,Kirk Robinson what he's most excited about in the next space of technology,and his answer was Iot with all the technology youare surrounded and whatis kind of the thing you're most excited about in the next space oftechnology. I think io see, there's a lot of conversation around it and it'sstill early stages, but everything going there and what ties into it withAi Machine wearning, R PAS and data. So of course, we had to do an episodefocusing on the excitement of IOT welcome to be to be tectok with anger,micro. I'm your host Kerry Roberts and our guests today is Eric Hembry, thedirector of Iotat Ingermicro, where he leads the US go to market team, he'sresponsible for leading the overall vision, development strategy andexecution of the Internet of things, businesses and go to market programs.Welcome Eric so excited to have you here today: 'causeor appreciated Thenkyou so today we're going to be discussing how IOT affects yourbusiness before we get into it. Can you describe for us really clear and easilywhat Iot is and what has contributed to its growth recently, there is no easyanswer to describe it. I guess the way I view io t is that it itshould be seamless. You should almost...

...not even know it's even there, but theimpacts of it should be monumental iote. It is very fascinating for me becauseit allows us to have that disruptive angle into the business that we wehaven't had, since you know the proliferation of cloud right about tenyears ago, so to me it' it's about generating data, it's about generatingnew workflows and thinking about how technology can solve our problems in adifferent manner. And how do you think it's just become more prevalent in therecent years o I think the the technology is is one thing I mean we'rewe're starting to see a lot of advancements around censored technology.You know ast five years we've seen censors evolved from these kind ofinnocuous devices that need constant attention and batteries to be replaced.Tonow. We have betteriless censors that are out there, so that expense hasreally gone down and added to a lot of the growth that we've seen in this area.A lot of other things too around you know FID g coming out and that's reallyled to a lot of the advancements, and- and you know, a lot of people have beenkind of holding their breath waiting for a fi g to really build ou, IOT well,ou now fit g isn'n. The silver bullet variety there's a lot of differentother applications that can be leveraged in this space without evenhaving that five t discussion- and you know I think, of Iot, I think from aconsumer standpoint. You know smart home devices, things of that nature.Can you give some specific examples or use cases of how io t could solveproblems in new ways for a business? I think it depends on the vertical thatwe're talking about. You know we. We have a number of different verniclesthat we align to a Ingra micro. We have retail as one of 'em, we HAV our cities,our buildings, and you know, what's what's great about that, is that youknow there's a lot of overlap between...

...the solutions that we offer so, forinstance, if you think of large industrial manufacturing as an examplewhere you have a large shop floor, they're building a thousand wigits anhour, and you need to understand what the uptime is going to be on yourrobotic arms, arer good that are completing these task day. Ind a dayout- and I know recently, you had said in an interview that a lot of companiesare missing a channel strategy when it comes to Iot. Can you talk about whatthat means and if you can describe an example of a great channel strategy fora business Y, when we talk about our partners in IO, t they're, very smart,they're, very talented, and they understand what Iot is from atechnology standpoint. Would I always like to reinforeces that IMT is not atechnology sale, it's a business sale now we need them to think differentlyabout how they're going to engage their customers and how they're going tosolve their customers problems differently. So with Iot, specificallya lot of when we talk about Channel Strategy, a lot of our partners, don'tknow what they don't know. They need help and understand, what's possibleand with our approach, our channel strategy to lead with and in solutions that helpspaint the picture for our partners for them to have that conversation withtheir end users. So really, we've developed a lot of our marketing froman Enduser upapproach to where we have a ton ofbei data on who our custoers,Ang or micros customers are selling into nd. We backdoor that within theopportunity so giving an example. We have a commercial refrigeration,monitoring, ING solution, that's out there, and what we've done is thatwe've done some inter bi and taken a look at who those and customers arebecause we dropship product to them every single day and we classify them acertain way in our systems so that we can quickly find out who would have,let's Jus, say a refrigeration of monitoringcommercial refrigeration unit in their...

...location. So this could be anyhospitality hotel, any sort of gaming and entertainment center, F, MedicalLads right where they need to keep specimens cold. We can match them up toparticular reseller who sold them gear before and we can go to that presellerand say: Hey here is a unique opportunity for to go out and getancrometo revenues from just by positioning this out in this space. Sowe do and end user first approach, where we match the end user to theopportunity to the retailer, which is great- and I know another question alot of companies have is: How do you kind of set up those censors initiallyfor Iot? Can you provide some insight on how to do that when we talkedearlier about you know the advancements of these censors. A lot of 'em arelargely plug in play, Manian that you know dependent on the environment. Youcan despti them to Iraq and a warehouse or put some doublesided Tam to put themright on the output of an H, VX system, tomonder the temperature and vibrationof that. So a lot of these sensors just attached directly too relatively easily.You know whant they're monitoring. Another example is buddy budy's alittle bit more unique because they monitor tecergy output and and afacility right. So these are actually clisfs that clip around the main powerlines running from an electrical breaker pound. So that's a little bitdifferent, so you don't need to be an electrical enineer though, or you don'teven need to hire an electrician to do it. It's relatively simple to do, butif you're not familiar, I want to go poking around a breaker panel box andfrisa shocking yourself. But again the point is is that these censors arelargely plug in play. They're relatively easy to install and ourpartners need to understand the simplicity about it, but listen if theyneed help or if they're not comfortable going into that space or, if its simplya scalleability issue where they may...

...have the capabilities, but they don'thave the band with to facilitate at the pointet. We can help them through areionlank services, hey everyone. We hope, Youare enjoying this episode of bt BTAC talk with Ingram micro. Let's pause for a moment to recognize our sponsordealing systems, our networks, Leeds lowling, you down or security rest topof mind, talk with dealing systems, leverage award, winning produts anddemployed networks that are second to none with D link, wireless surveillanceand switching solutions, contact, Ashley Rugerio at Ingram Micro. Today,that's Ashley, ashld Y DOC, Rugerio Oru, gg e R. I O at Ingra Micro Com. Alsobefore we jump streght back to osday's episode. We want to share with youanother resource you're going to want to check out. Did you know that youcould start your guided journey through partner track today? It's the tool thateliminates uncertainty in the IT channel. You can access meaningfulcontent yet trained on new tack and atten networking events all whilegetting rewarded register now at Ingram micro partner track otcom allright.Let's get back to the show. One of the great things about Iot, which you hadmentioned earlier, was the data that you get permit. Can you speak a littlebit about how we can get Clean Dada? The right data that we need from Iot?Boll comes down to edge compute, because IOT generates an enormousamount of data, and when you think about it, the amount of petabites ofdata that are going to be generated in the next couple of years. We we need tomake sure that we're w'rerunning the data analytics on the useful data andnot necessarily all the data. So when we talk about adge compute software, wehave a company called clearblade. WHWE re recently entered into a artershipwith where their platform is light...

...enough to run on like a Raspberry Pie. So they can havea light version deployed out at the edge on the gateway itself and run dateanalytics, and only send the important information back up into the cloud torun deeper analysis and create a deeper dashboards. I mean that's great. That'sthat's incredible! To see where all of this is going, and I know Inger Microhas quite a few resources for those that want to learn more about Iot,including you have a site for all things IOC at Iotida, Inger Micro Com,as well as a practice builder program. Can you tell us a little bit more abouthow businesses can utilize these absolutely so our website is reall ourstarting point. It shows all of our solutions broken up by vertical. Itshows our kids our components Ar vendors that we've partnered with andthat we have on boarded, and we continue to add information to that allthe time that also talks to our iote university, where it is our customize elearning contact specific for partners to take advantage of an leverage. Theycan also engage with my team directly from that site. That can send us a noteto engage or an email to engage with us and we can we're we're ready andwilling to jump on a phone nd and talk through whatever that opportunity. Is.You mentioned our practice builder program. We're really excited aboutthis, because Yu've been spending the last few months. You know dialing ind,exactly what we want this to look like and really it's it's a process rightwhere we do a selfih value, world or partners to a self evaluation of theirowncapabilities. But then we go on sight with them and spend half a day oror longer taking that hard look in the mirror about their current capabilitiesand if they said they rated themselves as a five as far as ennigrationservices- that's great! We don't! You know, think that they're lying to us,but we want to better understand where they what type of work they've donebefore, so we can potentially laverage that capability and Tha experttise thatthey already have for other partners to...

...to take advantage of ther IOM lingueprogram. So it's all about creedin. I continuous ecosystem of partners inmindshare, because with how complex it is when all of the differenttechnologies that can be leveraged from gasboard integration, to systemintegration and AP development and and custom engagements, you know that couldbe daunting for partners. To think of. The simple fact is: is that Ingramicros their one stop shop to come to four partners, Anto leverage existingcapabilities that are already out there, so they don't feel that they have tocread everything from scratch themselves yeah. I think the level ofeducation that Inger Mico provides is phenomenal, and I know another thingthat you are all doing is an in person summit September. Fourth, through fifth,two thousand and nineteen in Irvine. California, can you tell us, there's alittle bit about what to expect? Who will be there? Who should attend whatit will be all about? Yeah we're really excited it's our first ever eventdedicated to all thingsioty e we've shown Oup at our cloud summn and ourone event, but this is strictly. I MT content from start to finish. It's awe're, call it a day plus event where it starts on the fourth, with a welcomereception and then all day on the finth. We have you know, content with thekeynotes in and Industry leader speakers from Microsoft and Cisco andother vendor partners that are sponsored there. Then, in the afternoonwe have a number of different breakouts broken up by specific tracks that theycan go antend. Meanwhile, while that's happening, we also have our Tech Fairin R solution showcase where folks can come in, we invite them to bring theirend users as well. To take a look at the solutions, live and see the DamosFielta demmos understand the different components that make up the solutionfirst hand, so that they can better understand how they can take thesesolutios to market now, for you personally, you've been doing this forquite some time. Where do you see...

...technology going in the next year? Ithink we're going to start to see some consolidation around. You know some ofthe smaller players in Iotam. What I mead by that is that, when everythingbeing so customized, we have a lot of great tacktats out there, but a lot of'em aren't set up to be managed in the channel affectivelyand that's really whethe quoth is going to be with iots through the channelthrough these parorships. So I think that we're going to start to see someof the bigger players going in and acquire some of these edge technologiesthat are very specific to fill a gap that they may have currently so. Mass consolidation from that standpoint,but were also going to e continue to see innovation in this space, becausehen drawback dioty is that you know it always gets a stigma of lack ofstandardization across the port, we're seeing that be addressed in some areas,but we're also seeing a number of ways to and limit that an Stramlineverything. The simple matter is: is that Iot is secured exactly the sameway that you would secure your existing imfrastructure. The concepts remain thesame. You have to protect from the edge on up and we we have services andexperts that can help crap that perfect solution for you. I love that now. Ifpeople want to connect with you personally, to just ask questions aboutIot as a whole or if they wan to learn more about the things that ingrer microoffers along the topics of Iot. Where can they do that they can go to ourwebsite? As you mentioned, Aoteta Inger Micro Com, they can engage with my teamdirectly if they wanted to talk to me directly, I'm all over linkedin. Iactually have Lincdon pulle up on my computer right now, just checking utthe new post and news. That's out there. They can find me on Linkden and happyto engage and have those discussions there. Thank you so much Eric for beinghere. We greatly appreciate it. andpleasure Carra, if you like thisepisode or have a question, join the discussion on twitter at Ingram texlewith the Hash Tag, Beeto be tectop.

Thank you for tuning in and subscribingto be to be check. Ok with anger, a d micro you've been listening to be to betactalked with Inger microve posted by cerry Roberts and sponsored by dealingtechnology Beto Be Tatak, is a joint production by sweetfish media and anger.Migro Inger migro production handled by Laura Burton and Christine Fan to notmiss an episode subscribe to day in their favorite podcast platform.

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