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B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro

Episode · 3 months ago

How McAfee Enterprise Meets the Evolving Security Needs of Businesses | Security Series


As our interactions with systems and data evolve, so do the security requirements of businesses.

Case in point: When the pandemic forced sudden mass migration of employees to remote work, security needs shifted from protecting one office with thousands of employees to protecting thousands of home offices.

Shelby Skrhak talks with Brett Hannath, CMO at McAfee Enterprise, about:

- How security needs have changed

- The growth of cloud-delivered solutions

- Connecting to the Ingram Micro Cloud and AWS marketplaces

To learn more, visit the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and McAfee Enterprise.

Or, contact the dedicated McAfee Enterprise Team:

- General Questions & Quotes: Tim Kuerzdoerfer , Sr. Solutions Specialist

- Demos & Technical Inquiries: Patrick Smith, Technical Consultant

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...mm mm You are listening to b to B Tech talkwith ingram micro. The place to learn about new technology and technologicaladvances before they become mainstream. This episode is sponsored by ingrammicro security, strengthen your security practice. Let's get into it.Welcome to be to be tech talk with ingram micro. I'm your host Shelbyskirt talk. And our guest today is breath hand with Shelby. How are you?I'm good, how are you doing? I'm really good. It's friday. So that's always agood thing. I'm not sure when people are listening to this. Hopefully theretowards the end of their week as well. Exactly. Exactly. Well today we'regoing to talk about security because obviously that your role there as achief marketing officer at Mcafee Enterprise. So security has always beenabout most importance for our customers and partners. But the pandemic hasreally shifted businesses security needs. So what are some common problemsor questions that you're hearing from customers in the industry? Yeah, I meanyou're spot on Shelby. I mean obviously security is always top of mind foreveryone. And if you have a look at security over there over the years anddecades really the needs of security have changed as we as human beings havechanged the way that we interact with systems and data. If you think about it.We used to just rock up to an ATM And so it was a fixed banking network thatbanks owned and therefore they could secure it really well. Now we'reroaming around with mobile phones, connecting to web services, downloadingapps. All sorts of things. And so the real estate we call it the real estateof what we need to go protect is very different today than it was. And so ourcustomers are just constantly coming to us because they want to protect theircustomers, their customers and they want to protect their infrastructuresthat support their customers and retail operations or medical operations andthey just say, look, the world is...

...moving around a great pace. How do Istay secure? What's really interesting too is that the bad actors? Right.That's what we call the hackers and those people out there, they're movingas quickly as we are in the olden days, people would have to go by hardware,install hardware to go deliver their attack. Now they can take over people'shome networks and their cameras to go launch and an attack. So they basicallyweaponized the home fridge or the pellet in bike to then go attackpeople's infrastructures. And so when you have that level of complexity, anability of the bad actors to go do some really damaging things, then obviouslythose needs of a business or an enterprise or a government departmentreally shift very very quickly as well. Well, you mentioned the workforce may,it's increasingly distributed and virtual. And so business are needingthat more flexible subscription based licensing options for securitysolutions. Again, you don't have to go download or, you know, insert the diskinto into your computer and download that software. But those businesses,they don't want to injure in a traditional annual or multi yearsoftware licensing agreement. They want options and, and those are the kinds ofuh, kind of options that you can find on ingram micro cloud marketplace. Socan you speak to the demand and growth of cloud delivered security solutionsin the industry? Yeah, absolutely. I mean cloud is just such a fascinatingspace from all sorts of directions. If you have a look at, let's just have alook at what happened in 2020 with Covid and what we're still experiencingwith Covid, we used to have like a couple of officers with thousands ofpeople in them potentially. And that suddenly flipped to be thousands ofhomes, all being connected through home networks and potentially their own homepcs to execute the work or do the work...

...that they were doing traditionally inan office. And I talked about the real estate before, you can imagine thesecurity teams trying to get a handle on all of these unmanaged devices andreally what they had to do was push because we had to do it quickly rightin that february through March time frame of 2020 we had to move incrediblyquickly for businesses just to continue to operate. And cloud was there as adelivery model because the promise of cloud is that a someone else runs itfor us. So I don't have to do it, but to, they can spin it up incrediblyquickly, so we don't have to go into a data center, install hardware andsoftware to cope with all of these people now connecting from a remotelocation. They can just spin up services in the cloud and have wholesystems delivered through it. So we have a look at the cloud securitymarket because of all the promise it has, it just continues to grow, It was29.5 billion in 2020 and it's growing to 37 billion by 2026. So more and morepeople are moving to the cloud. We as Mcafee enterprise are actuallydelivering our security systems or infrastructure through the cloud aswell. So it's not just our customers that are moving to it, it's actuallyour security solutions are being pushed to the cloud as well. Why you want todo security more quickly, You don't want to necessarily run all of thatsecurity infrastructure yourself. You want people like Mcafee enterprise tolook after it for them. I really feel cloud is just going to continue to growas a more default way to go do things. And obviously the ingram marketplace iskey, why it's a cloud based marketplace. In other words, people who want to moveto the cloud more quickly can jump into the marketplace and go purchase thingsand just basically get them activated...

...an incredibly quick clip. So earlierthis year, Mcafee enterprise announced that there's going to be an expandedglobal partnership with ingram Micro and it would really bring the SASportfolio from like praise Mcafee enterprise onto the cloud marketplace.So recently this, this market expansion meant bringing on 11 new countries. Whyis this kind of expansion really key for your success? You a couple ofreasons obviously, like ingram Mcafee is just totally dedicated to ourcustomers to ensure that they, their customers, their employees are safe.And so a tool or a marketplace like the ingram marketplace allows us to reachmore customers more quickly and more efficiently and we're really trying toreduce any friction at all for a customer to be able to deploy security.And really the ingram marketplace allows us to do that. You mentioned 11new countries, these cyber security issues and not just restricted to theus and the UK and Germany. It's countries in places where maybe incrime doesn't have an office, in places where McAfee doesn't have an office andso we want to help everyone everywhere. And when you have places like theingram marketplace, people can get it then they can deploy it incrediblyquickly and effectively. So whether people are running multi cloudenvironments or hybrid cloud environments, these solutions willsupport them and what's great about it is that it's just going to beeverywhere. So yeah, there are obviously business benefits. We expandour business, we expand the number of customers that trust us to look aftertheir environments. But really the whole aim is just to make this a lotsimpler for our customers to go deploy security and in the world today youneed that you really need it Exactly. Well, speaking of expansion amazon webservices, a partnership with ingram Micro meant that the vast AWSmarketplace is now part of the...

...ecosystem. So let's connect the dotsthere. What or how does growth on AWS help partners? Look? I think basicallyus because it's growing at 21 or 50% over the last three years, depending onthe year itself, it's just a massive opportunity. Talked about businessbenefit before and I know that our partners have a fantastic capability tohelp customers deliver any applications or any solutions including security. Soif people are moving to the cloud and this cloud on AWS in particular isgrowing at such a great rate. It's really for the best of everyone. Rightfrom a business success standpoint that we really dive into us and seeingingram link the marketplace to the U. S. And the Mcafee solutions. In otherwords, I can go to the ingram marketplace and I can choose to deploymy envision tools onto the U. S. Environment that's really, reallypowerful. In other words, we're delivering this flexibility forcustomers to pick and choose. Not only what they're going to secure, howthey're going to secure it, but more importantly how they're going to deployit and us incredibly trusted, very, very complete and rich cloudenvironment for people to develop applications, deploy applications. Soit's a natural fit for the England marketplace. Mcafee to go and join ourservices and our solutions together, also staying on marketplaces. What canyou tell me about Mcafee Enterprise on the ingram? Micro cloud marketplace?Yeah, I think it's interesting and I've been with Mcafee for six years. It'sfunny when I joined Mcafee, I had no idea they had enterprise products. Ishouldn't say that being the chief marketing officer, but if you have, ifyou think about it, a lot of people have an assumption of what Mcafee isand does a lot of people bought a Dell...

...laptop and there was Mcafee. So a lotof people assume that we're an anti virus company, but we're a whole lotmore right. And so, and I know that a lot of people on the podcast today willknow that, but maybe what they don't know, it's just the depth and breadthof the cloud oriented solutions that we have. Yes, we've got fantastic securitytechnology that you can install on premise and secure private networks andvery complex environments, but we have a full range of cloud based technology.So whether you're trying to secure Salesforce or whether you're trying tosecure teams or collaboration services because everyone started usingcollaboration services in a year of Covid. You know, we had the ability andthe solutions to secure documents moving through teams to secure customerp data that's being pushed and pulled from Salesforce to stop that leakage,if you like. Even features such as the ability for people who are developingcloud apps to protect traffic, moving between service to service, people aredeveloping customization for Salesforce using force dot com. We have theability to protect the data that flows between Salesforce and your own customobjects and applications. The beauty of all this is is that all of thesecapabilities, whether it's DLP or CAsby or Z T N A or Swig for example, there'sa lot of terms in there, but it just gives you an idea of the breadth ofwhat we have for the cloud space. All of this is part of our envision productand it's the envision product that's on the market place that people can again,depending on their environment and what they're trying to protect. Pick andchoose very easily and simply what they want to use. And of course it's alldeployed in the cloud and you can do it...

...in days, not weeks. It's just a really,really easy place to get such a breadth of capabilities definitely. Can youspeak to any specific success stories or anecdotes that you think of aboutpartners and their success on the marketplace? Yeah, absolutely. I meanit's in its first month we launched it not so long ago. But what is really,really encouraging because this is the intent is that it gave our combinedresellers the ability to streamline their business right? If we start toreduce the complexity of purchasing and deploying security applications or tech,then obviously that helps the reseller focus on more value added services. Ifthey're not spending all the time on configuring and installing anddesigning security solutions, then they can really spend all of their timefocused on the customer. You know, what outcomes are you trying to produce, notwhat you want to buy and deploy? And so the level of engagement that theresellers can now own with the customer is a lot more strategic because buyingis made more simple purchasing and contracting is made more simple and ofcourse in the environments like us or any places any other public cloud, thenit gets even more simple because they're not involved in the more gruntwork. I hate to use the term, but that's what it makes sense in thisinstance to actually just they can just focus on the outcomes not the delivery.Does that make sense? And that's really great feedback that we're getting fromthe partner network that the marketplace and what Mcafee enterpriseand ingram are doing together is just providing such a better service tocustomers and I think we all want happy customers. It's obviously the outcomethat our resellers are starting to see the promise of as much as making theirbusinesses more efficient definitely.

Well, you know, as we start to wrap upour episode today, we ask everybody here the same question because theseare the people that have their finger on the pulse of technology with our,you know, within their own industries and at large. So where do you seetechnology going in the next year? Yeah, I mean, I think in the next year, howmany gosh, I'm glad you didn't ask me 10 years out because I don't think, Ithink we'll all be surprised about where tech is going to take us in 10years. But if you look at the next year, I really feel a lot of what Covid madeus do. I is just simply going to stay the new norm. All right. And I knowthat term is overused, but I'll explain what I mean. So when the crisis hitlast year we had to move our workforce to be remote and a lot of us patchedour environments to just deal with the crisis. Okay, so maybe we deployed alot extra VPN technology and therefore created a virtual private network. Allright. But that's not necessarily the best way to go to be agile and flexiblein a very, very dynamic world. And I really feel people are now looking backat the infrastructures that they deployed in a crisis and making betterdecisions about how I can avoid having to respond in such a way moving forward.So I think there's a lot of that retrospective view in the mirror did Ido the right thing for the business in the long term. So I see that as one bigangle. The second thing is is that we're operating in a very, verydifferent consumer world today, you know, telehealth, telly education andyou know, you talk to if you talk to your friends, I'm sure I don't want togo to a doctor ever again, I like doing it all from home. Right? So again, youknow, these experiences that people rushed to get to market just to makesure their business continued to run is...

...now becoming a major arm of delivery.So again, I think we're just going to see these consumption models of theconsumer continuing to evolve at a rapid pace and we, as an industry haveto really be able to support businesses wanting to be more innovative, wantingto stretch the envelope or push the envelope on a new customer experience.And of course, from a security perspective, if you're deploying newapps and mobile and transmitting very, very confidential and sensitiveinformation over a wire or through a public cloud infrastructure, thensecurity just stays top of mind. And you know, they take the security anglewhat's going to happen in the next year, the bad actors or threats, they're justgoing to unfortunately, again, continue to accelerate and we have to stay ontop of that. I get sad, I suppose because it's on our industry to stop ithappen. But ransomware attacks continuing to accelerate and seeingwhole government agencies shut down or even public infrastructure shut downbecause our infrastructure has not caught up with the need to protect itto a large degree. I think there's just going to be, you know, the federalgovernment are already obviously pushing huge mandates to go securethese infrastructures. So I see In a very, very short term the 12 monthsmassive acceleration of innovation for people to consumer experiences and thenfrom a security angle, the bad people accelerating how innovative they areand us as an industry really supporting our customers through ingram obviouslyto go make sure that there can be innovative agile but at the same timesecure. So bret how can our listeners...

...find out more about what we talkedabout today? Yeah, sure. I mean I've only scratched the surface here andthere's plenty of resources and people who can help. So if we look at who canhelp from a, you know, we want to talk to a person, it's tim cursed or fur. Sohe's great for to approach for general questions and also quote around thesesolutions and then we've got Patrick smith so if you want to get techy reachout to Patrick and I know that we're going to give you all of the emailinformation for these two people after the podcast was with the podcast, butthey're also online resources as well. So if you go to us dot cloud dot I am,that's the ingram marketplace so you'll find all the details and the Mcafeesolutions there. And if you really want to drill down on the mcafee tech itself,then just go to mcafee dot com slash enterprise and you'll get everythingyou need fantastic, great resources here and insight from you Brett, thankyou so much for joining me. Thanks Shelby, really appreciate it.Absolutely. And thank you listeners for tuning in and subscribing to be to betech talk with ingram Micro if you like this episode or have a question, pleasejoin the discussion on twitter with the hashtag B two B tech talk Until nexttime I'm Shelby skirt talk. You've been listening to B to B tech talk withingram micro. This episode was sponsored by ingram micro Security. Btwo B Tech Talk is a joint production by sweet fish media and ingram Micro,ingram micro production handled by laura Burton and Christine fan. To notmiss an episode. Subscribe today in your favorite podcast platform mm.

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