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Episode · 3 weeks ago

Introducing the Surface Pro 9 with Kristin Friend


After 10 years of designing devices that empower employees to work and create the way they want—with a focus on quality craftsmanship—Microsoft shows no signs of slowing down.  

Shelby Skrhak speaks with Kristin Friend, Surface senior PDM at Microsoft, about: 

- New Microsoft devices coming to market

- A must have Surface Pro 9 accessory

- How Microsoft has adapted over the last 10 years 

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You're listening to B two B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro, the place to learn about new technology and technological advances before they become mainstream. This podcast is sponsored by Ingram Micro's Imagine Next. It's not about the destination, it's about going someplace you never thought possible. Go to imagine next dot ingram micro dot com to find out more. Let's get into it. Welcome to BE two B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro. I'm your host, Shelby scar Hawk, and our guest today this Christian friend Surface Senior Partner development manager for Microsoft Kristen Welcome, Hi, Shelby, thanks for having me here today. Absolutely, we're excited to talk about this latest Microsoft Surface launch and the ten year anniversary of the Surface being in the marketplace. But first, I guess let's recap then. So Microsoft officially launched the Surface Pro nine and Ignite event October twelve. I understand. So tell us a little bit about some of the developments for the Surface. Yeah, absolutely, Yeah, it's exciting. Times ten year anniversary. I can't believe it. Time fly so fast, right, you know, here Microsoft Surface, we've had ten years of designing our devices to really empower employees to work work and create how they want with a focus on quality craftsmanship. We put rigorous research into the design and even have some human centric testing in that design. Over the ten years and that changes. Um, we've had ten years of innovation really bringing the whole device ecosystem up right where the surface you know, is versatile and adaptive and we're constantly innovating to meet the needs of everyone out there in the workforce. And then ten years of creation really bringing together the better together story with hardware, software together as things changed throughout the world over the ten years. And so with I...

...nine happening and our ten anniversary back in just a couple of weeks ago, we had a big launch. Surface Pro nine was introduced and really with that we we brought together our our pro line with our pro x into one device. So now with our Surface pronoins we have our Surface Pro nine and our Surface Pro nine with five G so it really allows for some choice in performance with bringing together the pro and pro X lying together under one probe Surface Pro nine. You know, our Surface Pro nine it's gonna come now, you know, better performance with latest Intel twelveth gend core processor on the Intel Evo platform. You know vean Thunderable four into the course you know, things that customers have been asking for. Goes back to our constantly innovation the line and um also with the Pro nine, we've added indivision on Q into displays, even making those better you know, still same grade cameras. Mike's all that you come to know and love. Out of our surface products, we have os choice so Windows ten or Windows eleven skews available out there. And then with the Surface Pro nine with five G that one I'm super excited about. Um, well, there's a few that I'm super excited about, but really like this one. You know five G right there in the title right, we haven't had a five G device out of our LT devices we did, you know the Pro or smartphone that does still run on five gum, but as far as like our tablet or left up you know a device haven't had five G. So announcing five G with with the Surface Pro nine five G and also where I said there's that performance and the chip said choice. So as I mentioned the Pro nine is on Intel, this Surface Pro nine with five G is a Qualcom Microsoft chip. It's an s Q three chips so with that it also has uh neural processing unit to allow a lot of the AI features of what is leving to be fired up which are really cool, and then also has action additional security on top of our security core PC which...

...all our devices have. The Surface Pro nine with five G also has Microsoft Pluton Security processor as well for that even extra extra layer of security. Uh So two kind of great devices before brought into one under now Pro nine with just that processor choice as well with the Intel or the Microsoft SQ three processor with narrow processing unit and the i G capability. So exciting stuff. But yeah, so tell us about some of there were a lot of products launched there. What other products were launched or or discussed at the ignited event. Yeah, so we had a significant update with our laptop as well. So our Surface Laptop four is now. We also have Surface Laptop five that was announced and that you know, kind of it's new different with our laptop five quad core twelve stend processors, so latest high performing out of there. Added in the Delby Vision new stage metal color. Also at the new USBC Thunderbolt ports. You know that's been asked for again, so laptop gotta refresh. Also, our Surface Studio is back, so now we have our Surface Studio two plus. Is the title of it, the name of the device, and that is our if you remember, it is our twenty in UH touchscreen display with Delby Vision. It has high end graphics in there. It is that which I could show it even though this is a podcast. It is just that big twenty into display with our zero gravity hinges on the side, so it can kind of just a vision UM that display going down at any angle and your your architects, designers, UM, you're writing on it in any angle down it will hold there in The graphics, like I said, are just phenomenal in that device. So it's UM has new ice keyboards come...

...to optimize on that new camera to really give the best for Microsoft teams UM experience. Their new pen comes with the baggage more serviceable, reparable than before. It's just it's kind of been out of market the Surface Studio for almost a year. We never ended life did and just kind of headed out there but didn't have any of those available, But now came out with the Surface Studio two plus. Highly recommend going checking out more information on that product. It is amazing. Yeah, it sounds perfect for creators that are you know that need that type of performance, right. Yeah. So we also had some great accessories announced as well, so you know those saying you can't have a tree with no leaves on it. So we did also announce a surface Audio DOC and this is a great premium sound uh simplified death set up without sacrifice. DOC to connect to monitors. Has four ports but then also has a speaker. It is teams in a bold so right there on the top of this the stock. It will have a mute button, teams auto connect joint. You can increase decrease the volume on it. It is a you know, it has that mute indicator so you can slip down like well it's red muted. You know, we're always starting meetings and then everyone else starts jump on that person say oh you're muted. Uh. So you can see it right there with that that color you know, Q tow you as well. So great accessory. We also launched a Presenter Plus so little handheld Presenter Team certified as well. Those little guys I want you know, you can have the power in your hand there to you know, advance your slides for those hybrid meetings as well. Because it is has the team's certification has the joined the teams meeting right from the palm of your hand. You can mute right from the palm of your hand. It doesn't have the laser pointer, but actually it's a digital laser pointer onto your slides as well, and you can advance as I mentioned your slides back and forth with that. I have to get my hands on one of those very exactly. There's one event,...

...so hopefully i'll have one by then, right right, you know, So with all of these, I mean there's the you know, we are working from home, we're working from from anywhere, and so what then of these updates and product launches are particularly pertinent for for the channel and for Ingram micro partners and resellers. So yeah, I mean from from a channel's perpective and for the resellers, you know, I mean Microsoft Service has has kind of been touting that message of you know, work from where you want, on the device you want, when you want, where you want, you know, for a long time, well before COVID, before Hybrid, and now even defined it more and more with highbred work. That's here to stay and and it's going to change, right yeah, We've already said even over the last few years with COVID and everything, there was a hybred work, you know, I was work from home, then a hybred work and even that whole hybrid work thing is changing a little bit. So our devices and especially you know, combined together with Microsoft five are meant for that environment. So yeah, with our our surface Pro nine nine, for example, with the neuropressing unit in there um there is noise cancelation. It's that AI built in, so it really holds in on a speaker voice. I don't know all the technical stuff behind it all, but there was a great, really cool video during the announce of of one of our engineers and his long curly hair and he's blow drying it and you cannot hear that blow dryer and you're still picking up on his voice as he's presenting. I made a joke with my teams that now I will be doing my hair during all team meetings forward. But you know, if you think, you know, that's not usually what happens. But most people working from home may have an animal that decides to bark, or their kids may decide to start fighting in the middle of your team presentation, so it will cancel out all that extra noise, the doorbell, you know, anything that timers could go off. Your husband maybe cooking and the alarm may go off. I'm just kind of doing some things that normally happened in my house, so surely opening it as well. So those...

...are some cool features and with that innovation, that will keep happening and keep changing as our our work environments continue to evolve. Right. Well, I mean it's been, like you mentioned, ten years since the Microsoft service was introduced. So how do business needs look different from two thousand twelve, you know when it was introduced to now. Yeah, so business you know, he says, well, ten years ago. Wow, so that's a long time ago. You know, the business environment has really changed. Back in twelve, I was doing some research and stuff and back then business needs, you know, there was a lot of trust issues going on with businesses. Back then, I don't remember. There was some writing and protests going on New York, London, across the world on businesses and people. You know, businesses are only out for themselves and their profitability and trust wasn't there, and and they're really not working with other businesses and consumers to you know, for the greater good of society. Um, it was more about that busy us holding out of their profits, you know, and that's this, I will be honest. One thing I love about Microsoft and working for this is our culture and our you know you'll see everywhere Microsoft fronts on trust and it's been our model for very long time continues and we continue to evolve, and we continue to evolve to create devices and software to meet the needs, um you know of everybody, you know, the software to meet the needs of everybody on the beddet to achieve more. Right, It's part of our mottel. You know, we built in a whole sustainability. We take that very seriously, right and Microsoft, so we have a whole sustainability story with our devices, and we can die that's like you know hours, we can hope podcasts alone on that. But we continue to change and grow and become that trusted partner for our customers they know, you know, our devices, We've changed the packaging they come into to be more sustainable the products we're using. So we've kind of we definitely aren't adapting to the needs and the the times...

...of today's business needs. And going forward, you know, you're kind of going into sliding at recession a little bit. It's do more with less. You know, what what is needed? What what can be cut out? You know, are you layering on eight different software subscriptions on top of the device for extra layers of security, or you can really minimize and look at it and say, okay, you know Microsoft Surface, Microsoft TAST five, we have security then built right in from chip to cloud. That's all you need. You know, We're you don't have to keep adding on extra different security softwares on top and top and top, you know, just light up the features that are built into the offerings that we have and that can save the customers money ensure that they're they're secure during this time as well. Right, well, yes, I mean we look very different today than we did in But let's look at twenty twenty or even twenty nineteen compared to today, what did those business needs look like. I mean, we know that the all of the accessories have become vital, you know, the abibility to have collaboration and teleconferencing, you know, making making those things easier. But I guess I wonder if you could just kind of expand a little bit on how different those business needs that you know, the things that they're asking for today in versus twenty nineteen. Yeah, it's so kind of pre COVID now, you know, And that's what I said earlier. You know, we Microsoft, we were kind of already doing that. Hey, you need to digital transform, you need to change. People are starting to ask to work, you know, and also it came with more of it at that time. It was more than whole millennial conversation. You know, they already started to demand some of this work from home. I want to work where I want. I want to bring my own device, and you know, in order to retain top talent that you have attracked new top talent. You know, we kind of had that messaging and we're kind of building that. And then when covid hit, it kind of launched the whole world into digital transformation and work from home and so our devices at that time work set up for that.

You know, I've actually always worked from home on our devices, you know, using teams, meeting. My team that I work with is across the whole US. And you think we're all sitting in the same room, We're so close. You know that we're all together fourty hours a week right here because we're instantly chatting via teams. We have teams sites that we set up for all our team meetings and quick grab notes and you know, and all the different programs really so we can easily access all the information. We've been video conferencing with each other forever, so you know, we kind of were set up for that, not say, you know, we've been like with the audio doc and added some of the accessories to make them team certified as well. Over the last few years, we've we've done a lot of work there, but our devices, you know, adding adding the five G you know, we've had LT models in the past and during that time, you know, and now adding even the five G even faster is critical because not everybody has you know, Internet where they're working, so they do need it from their device. One great thing we had before, also launched even more during the last few years, is our autopilot enabled surface. You know, all of our devices are autopilot enabled. That means partner can order the device from Ingram and they have it shipped right to their own customer and a lot of times during COVID is right to their own customers homes that these devices were going and you know, the traditional model of all bringing the device into the reseller, them doing the imaging, and then ship them to their customer, bringing to their customers you know, had gone away and so the customers we will just open right out of the box experience be the autopilot enablement were just a few clicks and they were up and running. I'm not technical all I've mentioned a few times on this go, but I have because I being surface ripped. I get all our new surface devices and they all come right of the box. I can click and and have my device up and running within ten minutes, no problem, super easy. So anybody can do it. And we've been the leaders in that autopilot deployments for for a while.

During COVID that really showed wow, there is such a need for this for and customers say so many people would have been without devices if that was not possible, right right. Well, as we do start to wrap up our episode today, we always ask our guests the same final question, and that's where do you see technology going in the next year? Of course super broad, but uh, you know, within within this space, where are we going to be in you know, I think it's gonna be more of the AI features of you know, seeing this news, I think I'm just striking the coolid or whatever, but I really geeped out and dazz all about it, you know, seeing the new features with the Pro nine n G, with that neural processing unit and the capabilities there and and even you know, to make things we're still human even though we're not maybe in the same room together whatever, you know, to have the camera auto you know, focus onto the speaker's face and and different things like that, having the right color to your skin tones still as a lighting, you know, so we're inclusive for everybody. Just all of those AI features I think are just going to be more and more enhanced to make it a more inclusive environment for everybody, whether working next to each other across the world, across the street, or across the table, and have everybody feel like they're they're truly able to work together. And so I really think it's gonna be more of the A features that are gonna be coming to the forefront yet well for listeners who want to find out more, have any questions about anything that we talked about today, how can they reach out? Sure are already a surface authorized partner we call them d MP to steam managed partner. We have a great site, Surface Reseller Alliance site that has all the content on the new products, training, offers, promotions, everything you need to know. Definitely go there and then of course work with the team and Ingram Microsoft Dash Surface at ingram micro dot com. They are gonna help you with all your quoting points you in the...

...right direction, um, help you find something that you're not quite finding, Answerface rese other alliance site. They'll reach out to me for any escalation to loot me in or if you want to have a meeting to dive deeper and how we can grow your surface business or add Surface to your line card. More than happy to do that as well. The team reaches out to me. We talk all day, every day, NonStop beauty of teams and so the biggest line of defense go right to the Surface Microsoft Dash Surface at ingram micro dot com. And if you can't remember that, just reach out to your Ingram sales rep. They'll reach you right to the team for any questions that you know even they can't answer because they're all uh trained up on our products as well. Thanks full well, christ and I really appreciate all of the time and insight today Thank you so much for joining me. Sure absolutely thanks for having me, Shelly, and thank you listeners for tuning in and subscribing to B two BE Tech Talk with Ingram Micro. If you like this episode or have a question, please join the discussion on Twitter with the hashtag B two B tech Talk. Until next time, I'm shallba's car Talk. You've been listening to B two B tech Talk with Ingram Micro. This episode was sponsored by Ingram Micro's Imagine Next. B two B tech Talk is a joint production with sweet Fish Media and Ingram Micro. Ingram Micro production handled by Laura Burton and Christine Fan. To not miss an episode, subscribe today on your favorite podcast platform,.

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