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B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro

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Powering and protecting your IT infrastructure with CyberPower


Nearly everything related to IT requires power to run, which is why it’s critical that your gear is protected and backed up to limit downtime and keep your business on track.

In a special As the Gears Turn edition, Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash talk with Thomas See, senior channel sales manager at CyberPower, about:

- How CyberPower is different from other companies in the UPS market

- Things people might not know about the company and its products

- Monitoring capabilities of CyberPower products

- The Channel Partner Alliance program

For more information, reach out to Thomas (thomas.see@cyberpower.com) or your Ingram Micro representative.

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...you're listening to B. Two B. Tech talkwith ingram Micro a place to learn about how to grow your business andstay ahead of technological advances before they become mainstream intoday's episode we're introducing a new business and technology minded seriesbrought to you by ingram Micro's smb alliance community called as the gearsturn hosted by to ingram micro snb alliance council leaders Mr Devonbiddle and Mr Patrick Cash both successful M. S. P. S. And both readyto call the business of I. T. As they see it. So with that said let's make ithappen. Welcome to ask the gears turn. Welcome to another episode of B. Two B.Tech talk with ingram Micro special as the gears turned edition. We're yourhosts devin middle from computer cations out of Frederick Maryland andPatrick Cash from Bluestar networks out of Atlanta Georgia. Today we aretalking with thomas C. He is the senior channel sales manager at cyber powerthomas. We are super excited to have you with us today. Thanks for joiningus. Thanks for having me. I'm looking forward to chatting about ingram MicroSmb alliance and cyber power systems awesome. So tom for our listeners mostof you know that power is pretty critical to most everything related toI. T. It kind of powers all the infrastructure that we manage. No powerno business, no money, no nothing that's no cash money. If there's nopower. That is true. Um That's why we're in business that's why we do sowell and grow year over year power is necessary and it will always will be inthe I. T. Industry. So the great thing for. Exactly and because this is socommon and widely provided amongst various companies in the tech space.We're here to dig in more on how cyber power is different from other you knowups providers and power component providers in the industry and devinthat's gonna lead right into you know...

...question number one. So generallyspeaking tom how and why? So I'm gonna get two questions out of one. So howand why our cyber power different from other companies in the U. P. S. Markets?Well we differentiate ourselves in many ways but a few things immediately cometo my mind um we just make power products were strictly a powermanufacturer. We don't mess with cables and all the other type of artaccessories that don't really have much to do with power. So we keep it verysimple. So are customers are familiar with our UPS product, R. P. D. Ughsurge and primarily our UPS products. So we keep it simple, we keep it powerand don't confuse them by adding in other products that were not experts ona few other things that come to my we have all badged employees were truemanufacturers. What our manufacturing plant, we don't outsource and haveother people outside of our own company manufacturing the product. Everyone isa true badge cyber power employee. So no outsourcing um the building of ourproducts Um we're strictly a channel focused manufacturer. We have beensince 1997. Um, it's all about the channel for us. Map pricing is anotherthing that we put in place that our competitors don't enforce and thatmakes it profitable for our partners to sell the product, which we think makeseveryone happy our distribution and our reseller partners along with us becauseit keeps the channel clean again with a focus on that. Nice. And I think I understand fromsome of our earlier conversations that even support all cyber power support isus based as well. That is correct. Our team resides in Shakopee Minnesota,which is just outside of Minneapolis. All again badged employees that areworking strictly here in the United States on the sales side, accountingtech, support, everything happens out of that location in the United States.Other than just a couple of sub warehouses that make it easier for usto get products to the other coasts. So...

...tom what is something cyber power isexcellent at doing that, that people may not know about or associate, youknow, those products with cyber power. Again, there's a number of things thatthat we do that might not be completely known by everyone who is not completelyfamiliar with us. The growth that we experienced yearover year. It's double digits, year and year out for the past 20 plus years inthe channel. So continuous growth for an extended period of time. We do a great job of helping virusdifferentiate themselves when it comes to government opportunities related toour sqs, when there's an opportunity to offer an equivalent to maybe one of ourcompetitors products are more able to jump in there and assist in helping thereseller not only offer a great product lower price but differentiatethemselves that from customers that maybe are bidding the exact sameproducts. We support our alliance partners with resources they need. Wegive them a dedicated account manager again out of our office in Minnesota, asales engineer that would be in the same office and a best in class website.Resellers go to our website. That's one of the first things they say is we haveall the resources that they need on our site and it's, it's just really supereasy. The ingram Micro tech support team always points that out when we doour monthly or quarterly trainings with them, they appreciate it as well. Andthen product based, I would say serge, we're known for our ups product becauseit makes up about 70% of our revenue. But little do people know that we do alot of private label surge product which allows us to carry that over intothe channel with our branded product and offer a variety of surge productthat is branded that is available through ingram Micro. Let's talk Smbfor a moment. So are there any trends that you guys are seeing, whether it's,you know, maybe a specific vertical or in a specific product line that youknow, us guys should be maybe keeping an eye on. So you're, you know, you'reseeing a spike in, you know, in a...

...certain product line or a certaincertain vertical that's kind of making making waves. We've had huge success inthe gaming industry. Um A lot of casinos popping up in cities other thanatlantic city and Las Vegas like we used to know them as so we do very wellwith gaming because all of the digital poker and video poker machines alongwith the slot machines have to be backed up. God forbid something go downin the middle of somebody gambling. Um They need a certain period of time inorder to save the data that's on the device, shut it down properly andhopefully by the time the power comes back up, you know, the the ups is stillrunning and it's it's pretty seamless for the customers. But we have one verylarge opportunities and not the gaming as everyone is familiar with the esports gaming, but actually in the betting, gambling and things along thatwith the casinos, even though we do well in the sports area. But that thatthat's an open coming area for us. Yeah, you definitely don't want the wheel offortune game going down when you're about to win some serious money. Right?Patrick's case possible scenario, that's right, you don't want that thingto just stop. Yeah. So tom you know, for partners looking for monitoringcapabilities within your ups and other products, what kind of advantages doyou offer over maybe your competitors. Okay, so it's a great question. Um wejust introduced our new cloud power panel software this year. We introducedit and set it up through ingram and actually took off very quick for us.And then the reasons that we think it's selling so well or we know is becausewe have some features that our competitors don't have the ability toorganize local site locations and then also able to the customers also usingthe app able to organize certain floors or whatever it might be withindifferent locations. So that's very user friendly customers have pointedout that they do like that. And then...

...also it's an app based product, but soit's going to be available on apple and android devices so it can be monitoredfrom a phone when somebody is on the road. Um, but if someone wanted abigger screen, you can actually view it from a web browser. So those are acouple of different things that we had this year and I know that we're goingto build that product line out, but we just introduced it earlier this year.So thanks for asking that. Alright, so you've got me sold, I'm ready, I'mready to go tackle some cyber power as a partner program. I mean, how am Igoing to take this fourth to my customers. It partner program that wehave. It. It's called the Channel Partner Alliance program. It's beenrecognized in the past three years by Crn with a five star um program awards.So we like to hang our hats on that. That's something we're very proud of.And the reason we win that year after year is because it's simple. There's noobligation other than adhering to map pricing once you get all the benefitsof it. But it's a no obligation Program. We go ahead. We load that up our at atingram on an annual basis for our partners. So it's very seamless.They'll get the number one benefit right out of the gate is a 5% discounton all cyber power product that ingram micro cells or has skewed. Um So that'son top of a price advantage that we already give. Everyone based on ourability to um to offer a lower price because of the true manufacturing thatwe mentioned. Um a couple of the other benefits that make that a program thatmany of our partners really like. They have a dedicated account manager. Youdon't have one if you're not a member of the Channel Alliance program. Andthat would be a dedicated rep based on your geographic territory of thepartner, not the end customers. So you'd have the same resource no matterwhich one of your customers you worked with. Um And then you also have a salesengineer again. Um That's that's dedicated and works in line with theaccount manager, your anger micro account manager um and the partner. Andthen just a few other things that are just, you know, basic things that makeup most partner programs. We're going...

...to offer 3% of that discount Which isstackable on top of the 5% discount that we give. All of our alliancepartners Bid pricing on all opportunities over $2,500, freeshipping over 10-K. And then a very simple demo program and a perks rewardprogram. Many of the large manufacturers have something like thatwhere there's a kick back and we have a third party manage it. But it'sessentially a website that will give you 4% of your purchases back in theway of vacations, gift cards and so on. A very simple program that we offerthrough ingram. Very cool. Uh So what do you what doyou love most about working for cyber power? Now this question may have youknow been generated by HR so I'm not sure. Be careful with your responsesbecause you know, will be listening to this right? Yes, that's right. What Ilike about I've been in the channel for about 25 years and by the terms of thecompanies that I've worked for in the past, the cyber power is a little bitsmaller. Um I like they were the smaller guy who's making waves. We'regoing after the bigger vendors we could pick away at market share and that'show we build our business. So that's it's a great feeling to be the guypicking at the business rather than the guy protecting the the manufacturersthat are picking from your business. We have a great leadership team. It's realsimple. It's just feels like a family like environment when we go to theheadquarters in Minnesota, our vice president is the most down to earthexecutive I've ever worked for along with my manager who is the director ofthe channel along with all of our e com customers. So that gives him theability to keep the channel clean for our evaluated added resellers in thechannel so he can oversee the entire operation to make sure it's level um,we're empowered to make, to make decisions. That's that's something thatmeans a lot because you don't have to go to Pete and go to scott in order toget an answer more times than not, they...

...trust me enough to make the decisions.And at cyber power it's not black and white and these are the lines, if wehave something that's close and makes sense for us, our partners, we just doit just making the business happen is probably the thing that I like the mostabout the company. We just make it happen day in and day out. We all getalong on teams so there's a lot to be said for flexibility and that's uh youknow as S. And B. S. Also Devin would probably agree, I totally agree withthat and I like everything I've heard just being able to you know say heythis makes sense. You know we always I tell my staff it's like you know treattreat the customer like you would treat your mom and I'm never gonna be upsetabout how that shakes out because the customer's gonna be happy. So I agreewith you and when I started with the company over 3.5 years ago in theinterview and after I got the position Pete said to me just run it like it'syour own business and that's how we all do it. We run it like it's our ownbusiness, we don't give things away unless they need to be given away andwe give them away when it makes sense for everyone or we I'm doing agreementum and close the business. Cool I'm definitely gonna check it out.So one question we ask all of our guests on B. Two B. Tech talks as thegears turn edition is when you think of technology as a whole where do you seeit going within the next year and this can be across all things I. T. Allthings technology. Well hopefully on the supply chain. Um it's a little bitbetter. I'm sure everyone probably is in the same boat with that. We haveeven you know out carrying at the end of 20 21 here An improvement in ourproduct availability and stuff. And we hope that carries into the new yearinto 2022 smaller companies who are pretty flexible. So when it comes totrying to figure out ways to get product from our manufacturingfacilities into the the United States um we do a pretty bang up job of that.We do we do great work with that. So we hope that they will continue next year.We've done a lot of planning for it and this year and the things that we'velearned so that would be one thing not...

...tech related but we have some newproducts that we're going to introduce that we think will tie into where wethink the market is going. The first thing that we'd like to point out isthat we're entering the three phase market cyber power has always beenknown for its sub 10 KV A ups product. But now we're going to venture into the2040 60 and all the way up to 80 Kv. A product we soft launched that this yearum next year we're going to do a little bit more of a channel marketing withour distribution partners ingram and our Channel Alliance partners lithiumproduct. We're gonna have some new HD product coming out next year. A lot ofthese things have been delayed due to the things that we've all faced overthe last couple of years, but we're excited for 2022, we think the industryis going to continue to grow um and that the supply chain should get a lotbetter at least related to our product. Well we've covered a lot of ground in avery short period of time and so as these subjects have come up, where canfolks learn a little bit more about some of the things we've talked abouttoday or all things cyber power? Well the first place, feel free to reach outto me on linkedin. Um my contact information should be shared and thenyour ingram Micro representatives is a great resource, they know how toconnect the dots. We have dedicated resources within ingram that have adirect link into our team. So just using ingram is a single point ofcontact for this um would would be great. Um and again then we have cyberpower assistance, our website, um that's very user friendly, so we areprepared to assist our partners awesome. Well, on behalf of Devon and myself, wejust want to, you know, say thanks so much for sitting with us for a fewminutes today. Thanks so much gentlemen because it was a pleasure having theopportunity to chat with you and looking forward to hopefully seeing youface to face in the coming year, there is more information for this episodefound on the ingram micro SMB portal. If you're already a member, you canaccess this information at any time. If...

...you have a specific question, you canalways reach out to your ingram micro rep for more information on how you canget involved with S and B. Thank you for tuning in to as the gears turn andsubscribing to B two B tech talk with ingram Micro, you've been listening toB two B tech talk with ingram Micro special as the gears turn editionhosted by Devin biddle and Patrick Cash. This episode was sponsored by ingramMicro's SMB Alliance B two B tech Talk is a joint production with Sweet fishmedia and ingram micro ingram micro production handled by Laura Burton. Tonot miss an episode. Subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast platform.If you're listening on apple podcasts, we'd love for you to leave a quickrating of the show. Just tap the number of stars you think the podcast deservesuntil next time. Mhm.

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