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The Workplace of Tomorrow: Bringing the Office to You, Wherever You Are


As the workplace around the world changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, adjusting to the new normal can be hard. Are you headed back to the office? Is your coffee table your new office?

And what does that mean in terms of safety? If you’re running a large team, how are you ensuring that the people you work with are safe and effective, both in the office and at home?

On this episode of B2B Tech Talk, we talk with John Friedrich, National Account Manager at Fellowes, all about safety and how his company is helping companies all over the world return to work as safely and efficiently as possible.

What we talked about:

-How a company that started by making banker boxes 100 years ago is leading the way

-Why an air purifier may just be the best thing you could do for your office

-Other solutions that Fellowes offers that can help your company get back on track

-Where he sees technology going in the next year

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...you're listening to B to B Tech talkwith ingram Micro. The place to learn about new technology and technologicaladvances before they become mainstream. This podcast is sponsored by ingramMicro's. Imagine next, it's not about the destination, it's about goingsomeplace you never thought possible. Go to imagine next dot ingram micro dotcom to find out more. Let's get into it. Welcome to B to B tech talk with ingramMicro. I'm your host, Shelby screw hawk. And our guest today is john Frederickingram Micro account manager for Fellows brand, john welcome. Hey, thankyou Shelby, thank you very much for having us on board. So today we'retalking about the new ways that our offices work with Fellows brand. Sotraditionally Fellows has been known for its business machines andproductivity products and its first really legacy product and that was thebanker's box line of storage record record storage boxes back in 1917. Sojohn tell us about Fellows and its long history of office solutions. So Fellowshas been around just celebrated our 100 year anniversary in 2017. So originally,fellows started out making banker box So in 1917 they started the banker boxcompany and it was located in Chicago Illinois and as we startedtransitioning and more getting into the different categories that fellow's hasto offer. We expanded but that is the tried and true and kind of whateveryone understands when they think of Fellows is just the banker box historythat we have as a company definitely. Well, you know, fellas has come a longway since those bankers boxes and it's really providing a number of workspacesolutions. One of those offerings is something really relevant right now.And that's air purifiers. But I want to understand the introduction or I guessI I want to clarify that the...

...introduction of the air max pro wasn'ta new reaction to Covid. Actually, this came about at least 10 years ago as Iunderstand. So how and why did fellows kind of have that forethought torecognize the air purifiers would be an essential machine and work spaces. Sothe great thing about fellas is that they're constantly testing the marketgoing after new areas of business. So just from our history, obviouslystarting out with banker boxes, We expanded to our shredder units. Andthen from that point on we expanded to overseas operations, we have positionsin 17 different subsidiaries around the world. And within that we have ourbanker boxes, shredders, lamination binding machines sit to stand ergonomicsolutions. But the newest version that we are updating now is our airpurifiers. So that was a trend that obviously was well before the Covid andeverything that we're experiencing as a country and as a world actually, um andgoing through that for the past year and a half. But it was great that theteam thought ahead understanding where can we expand our product offering it,what were we missing within our product line. And that was commercial air. Soobviously it was a great decision for Fellows company to think and go after amarket that really no one knew much about outside of pretty much the healthcare and I like casinos, that type of thing that really focusing. But it wasa great investment for our company and really got us to a point where we canhelp provide the solutions especially during Covid to the product offeringwithin the Fellows also tell us about the air max pro line. Yeah, so withinour air we have two different product offerings is we have our personal unitsand then we also have our grow commercial units. So we definitely havethe options to fit almost any...

...environment that is needed for the airpurification, whether it's a large commercial unit, whether it's anelevator entryway locker rooms all the way to your own private bedroom andliving room space. So again, we have the full product offering within ourwhole series of Fellows air within our air max units to really accommodate theneeds out there in the market. And these range in in in wide sizes. Right.I mean you said if it goes everywhere from personal unit to a commercialspace, how big are these units were talking about, yep. So we start outwith our personal units, they range between 100 to 200 square feet all theway up to about 600 square feet. And our commercial units range between 300up to roughly 1000. But something to keep in mind when it comes to pure airquality is giving the amount of airplanes per hour, correct within thatspace. So obviously we kind of base all of our square footage off of an eightft high ceiling. Obviously rooms differ commercial buildings that kind of thing.But when you are looking at our units online, it is based off of the kind ofan eight ft room scenario. But we do have multiple ranges within those unitsthat we can accommodate multiple air exchange per hour. And the best thingthat we have to offer is through our website and through our sales teamsacross the U. S. And world. We can help accommodate those spaces to make surethat you the end user is getting the adequate machine to make sure that weare cleaning that air as many times as we can. Especially right now in thisworld Dealing with the coronavirus, we are capturing 99.9% of the coronavirussurrogate. So we were right when this whole thing was going on, we were ableto get tested and some test results...

...here back recently on that. So veryexciting news. We were able to market that and get that out to really publishand make awareness that hey, these machines are fantastic within them. Itcomes with a carbon and the HEPA filter. So it's capturing not just thecoronavirus surrogate, it's capturing the dust, the molds, any type ofpollution in the air and the biggest thing, especially I'm here in Iowa butwe don't deal with it as much unfortunately. But the folks on thewest coast, they're constantly dealing with the wildfires. So it's thinking ofnot just the coronavirus, but how can we help support these people long termwithin these air purifiers and really helping with those wildfires out westthat we unfortunately see every year and the amount of chemicals, anythingthat those fires are producing, those people are breathing in, whetherthey're outside marshall units were within their own house. So we reallyhave a great offering to help provide those solutions in the market. So let'stalk about some of those use cases. So I guess can you point to or give ussome examples or anecdotes of places that fellows air purifiers have beeninstalled and it really made a difference, yep. So we are very closewith the Chicago cubs organization and we actually outfitted their entirefacilities from right when you walk into the main areas to the privatesuites, to the locker rooms, the training facilities, we have our airunits within all those tested. We have a great case study in video on ourwebsite, kind of showing a visual where those are throughout the club'sfacilities, but other areas that we have partnered with is burger kingPopeye's culver academies, just areas that obviously cubs definitely stand up,but we also are in food and restaurant...

...areas to where every day people areconstantly going in and out and they want to make sure that they'reproviding the customers with safety in one area is definitely getting our airpurifiers within all those spaces that we can. So we've done a lot of funprojects throughout the U. S. And world within our air purifiers, but those arejust a few and we do have more case studies and some of our partners andproject opportunities on its website. And I'm just curious. I mean I think alot of people hadn't consider the rate at which an air purifier is cleaningthe air and uh needing to understand not only just the square footage of theroom, but maybe those specific needs. Like are there different suggestedrates for a room that has a lot of air circulating? Like like a call centerfor example, versus maybe a more spaced out office or more seldomly used office,you know, are those the types of recommendations that uh that fellowscan make and help vendors, partners and end users decide what's best for them?Yeah. And that is definitely something we really focus on is firstunderstanding the atmosphere. Are people constantly coming through thedoor where you're bringing in outdoor air, you're bringing in the dust fromoutdoors, that kind of stuff. How many people are being exposed within acertain area, what type of room, height ceiling, that kind of thing. So wereally take advantage and look at all the opportunities that come up and makesure that we are providing the right solution because we can offer a unitfor 1100 square feet. But some of the competition that is out there, you'reprobably only going to get 1 to 2 air cleans per hour and that's just notwhat we want to provide to our customers to really truly say that weare cleaning the air to your best interest. And so that's one thing wereally pride ourselves on is providing...

...the right solution for the customerbased on their environment, definitely. Well, we opened up the podcast talkingabout how these workspaces look very different than two years ago. Can youspeak to john some of the other fellows product offerings that our listenersshould know about that can help equip this hybrid work model of the future.Yeah, you nailed that right. So right now, obviously we're still trying tounderstand what the future looks like when it comes to our regular day workenvironments. Right now, if there's some companies that are fully backoperational and then some are still doing a hybrid and does this hybridapproach really go on into the future and where we were pretty much a fulltime in office type environments to where we are doing one or two days intothe office and the rest of it at a remote location. So we're still tryingto understand kind of what that looks like, but right now we definitely havethe product offering to support those needs, whether it is in the commercialunits, whether it's corporate environment or you're sitting on yourcouch working off the coffee table, you need those ergonomic solutions in thoseaccessories to really make sure that you are working comfort levels, justsomething to keep in mind because obviously if you're not comfortable,you're not going to work the best you can. So we definitely have thesolutions that can offer both at home and commercial unit. So within that wehave our workspace solutions or sit to stand options, not everything has to behardwired mounted to your table. We have solutions that can just sit righton top of any desk, your kitchen, whatever area you're apparently workingin the monitor supports the wrist supports, just areas that a lot ofaccessories that really make sure that...

...your comfort levels no matter whereyou're working, are getting suited and those does have that full offeringbecause I'll tell you from experience that if you're sitting there on thecouch and you've got your laptop there on your on your coffee table and you'rekind of hunched over your, your kind of contorting to this and that the other,it's just so much easier to lie down on the couch away from that screen, youknow, just just to rest your back, of course, uh so I think that might havehave something to a negative effect of your productivity. So especially aroundthat 2 to 3 o'clock afternoon. Exactly. So Yes, exactly. Well yeah, it's tryingto make sure that we are marketing it out there to where we are lettingcustomers know the full fellow solution. It's not just the banker boxes in areasto consider biggest one is shredders. Obviously it's important right now aswe are transitioning between corporate and your home is making sure that youare covering the legal documents and destroying what you need correctly justbecause of the risk of theft and identity out there. So we areintroducing and expanding our personal unit shredders, great solutions for theat home and continuing to expand on our commercial and government shredders. Sojust making sure that people, yes, they are working from home, there may beonly a few people around but you are commuting back and forth between yourwork environments and that information is getting leaving headquarters. So yougot to make sure you are disposing of that correctly. So we're trying to makesure that awareness campaigns as much as we can to reiterate the importanceof that. That's true. That's something that a lot of us hadn't considered thatuh that could definitely keep some security professionals up at night.Yeah, especially when the attorneys and everything. You got to make sure thatyou're keeping yourself and your...

...company safe. So it's just one of theareas that we are really focusing on, especially during these times of thehybrid work solutions. So you'll see a lot of shredder opportunities. Monitorsupports those type of areas that we can really help fulfill quickly forthese companies. Train it transition between the work from home and theworking fantastic. There, there's a lot of support there and there's a lot of awide product line to uh, to offer. So as we start to wrap up this episode,you ask everybody here on the podcast the same question. That's where do yousee technology going in the next year? That could be from your own neck of thewoods here within talking about business solutions and hardware andsoftware and products for productivity or it could be something else thatyou're, you're personally interested in. So tell us, where do you see technologygoing in the next year full from the corporate America theme? Obviously thishybrid approach, it's going to be interesting to kind of see just not forthe short term, but for the long term and kind of understanding of wherecompanies are going to be a little bit more lenient on because obviously ifyou start continuing to work from home, that kind of thing, obviously you gotto have a little bit more protection for your company overall when it comesto that and different ways of tele communicating, that kind of stuff. SoI'm anxious to kind of see where the meetings go. Everything right now isdigital. So it'll be interesting to see where that platform is in the next yearto just based off this hybrid approach right now. We've got great solutionsout there, but it will be interesting to kind of see where that goes and kindof where these big trade shows go in the future. So I'm hoping it's inperson, that's the sales guy in me, I love that interaction. I don't want toget rid of that, but I'm hoping we can get back to that at some point veryquickly, but obviously we gotta keep...

...things safe for everybody to so, but itwill be interesting to see how technology supports that hybrid workerand making sure that not just themselves are being protected, butalso the company too. So well I'm running low on swag t shirts from theconferences, so I got to get to a conference sometime. Yes, exactly.That's the fun part is interacting. You get all the ancillary items going tomeet the people and it's when you're used to that traveling constantly andbeing remote for so long, it would be nice to get out there and see everybodyand yeah, start rebuilding those in personal relationships or shedefinitely well, if our listeners have more questions about what we talkedabout today, who can they reach out to. Yes, so obviously reach out to me.We'll have a follow up my email SAm Gara at ingram is our main point ofcontact with an ingram and then definitely check out our fellows dotcom website. We just redid everything is brand new. All the information thatwe spoke about today is on their case studies, especially understanding whatfellas is. So some people just see our brand in stores but don't understandthe whole offering that we have within fellows to really support the newhybrid approach. So definitely check out our website a lot of greatinformation, a lot of great tools and especially there's tools on there whenit comes to that air purifiers and really supporting those questions andmaking sure that we are helping with making sure those items match with thecurrent environment that they need. So, biggest thing right now is making surethe company's people are having a peace of mind knowing that they're safe andwe have that product offering to salute john, thank you so much for joining metoday. Yes, thank you very much for your time and the fellow support andhopefully we can do this again in the future. Absolutely. And thank youlisteners for tuning in and subscribing...

...to be to be tech talk with ingram microif you liked this episode or have a question, joined the discussion ontwitter with the hashtag BtP tech talk until next time I'm Shelby skirt talk.You've been listening to B to B tech talk with Anger Micro. This episode wassponsored by ingram Micro's Imagine Next B two B Tech Talk is a jointproduction with Sweet Fish Media and Anger Micro. Ingram Micro productionhandled by Laura Burton and Christine fan. To not miss an episode. Subscribetoday on your favorite podcast platform. Mhm.

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